Nashville, Tennessee – Jamie Lidell will be releasing his new album Building a Beginning on October 14 via Jajulin Records. Just last week, his track “Walk Right Back” got the royal treatment from Nashville-based electronic trio BASECAMP. This remix is a bueatiful blend of chill electronica with some more dancey vibe. With Lidell’s soulful R&B vocals spinning, BASECAMP brings the song a new sound that plays around with a lot of different sounds and layers.

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Memphis-based singer-songwriter Julien Baker just premiered her title track “Sprained Ankle” from her upcoming debut album of the same name. This stripped down track let’s you get up close and personal with Baker as she croons her heart out. The delicate nature of the song just adds to the authenticity of the emotions that emerge. Baker’s voice is so heavenly that it’s like sweet honey dripping from a cone.

Sprained Ankle will be released on October 23 via 6131 Records.

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Nashville-based trio Basecamp released their new song “N2DEEP” a couple of days ago. This electronic track combines elements of downtempo and glitch to create a smooth yet dynamic sound. “N2DEEP” is an overall mellowness that fits it perfectly with a sort of chill-trap genre. The bass and rhythm goes into very subtle changes that elevate the track into different highs and lows of emotion.

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I actually have no idea what I’m doing. But I do know some pretty cool music when I hear it. Gold Dash is a Future House/Jersey Club duo from Nashville, TN. I’ve definitely heard of Jersey Club before…not sure what entails in the genre but I do like what I’m hearing. Check out Gold Dash’s newest mix “Think’n Bout U” that just went live yesterday. It is also conveniently free for you to download so you can slip it in a DJ set and impress all your friends for staying ahead of the curve.

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