Oakland, California – An artist that I’ve really loved lately is Hazel English, who will be releasing her debut EP Never Going Home on October 7 via Marathon Artists. Today, she shared her newest track “I’m Fine”, a dreamy, synth-driven track that’ll pull your heart strings. The track starts off with some gritty guitar chords but it sets the tone of the song and contrasts nicely with English’s synthy vocals. “I’m Fine” may have a light, airy sound but the softness of the track adds a melancholy sadness that’ll catch you off guard.

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Seoul, Korea – Last month, Neon Bunny released her sophomore album Stay Gold. I’ve been exposed to her music because she was featured on Mark Redito’s track “Daytime Disco” so when I finally heard this album, I was immediately blown away. And to be honest, I’ve been listening to a couple tracks non-stop the past few days. One of my absolute favorites is “Room314″ which features my favorite dude Mark Redito. 

Her music is what I call blissfully synthy. With “Room314″, you get a bit of the classic Redito flavor mixed in so the track is pretty pop-y. But if you listen to “All I Want Is You”, Neon Bunny’s delicate vocals practically float on top of the synth and it’s driven enough by pop that it gets you hooked in the beginning.

One of my favorite songs on the album is “Romance in Seoul”. Even though the song is mostly in Korean, something about her vocals convey all the meaning I need to get from the song. The slow rhythm and her soft vocals absolutely make me swoon. All I can say is that Neon Bunny is incredible.

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Work Drugs will be releasing their new album Method Acting this Friday, and take a listen to their newest single “Talking in Defense”. I’ve listened to this band way back in 2013 and I’ve always remembered their music to have this blissful synthpop sound. From listening to this track, it’s rather reassuring to be able to hear music that can still have that pop-y chillwave sound. “Talking in Defense” brings back some memories of easier summer days but there is still a grounded sound to this song that doesn’t make it 100% blissful. 

Oakland, CA – Trails and Ways will be releasing their sophomore album Own It on October 7. From the upcoming record is their single “My Things”, and the band just released a music video featuring their very own Keith! I had the pleasure of interviewing him when they had released their single back in spring and “My Things” is a song relative to the capitalistic nature of society and perhaps even more so about the excessive value and attention people give to their things. The video is a funky little piece, featuring Keith and all his things, or at least a good portion of it. He has some pretty solid dance moves in here that I might draw some inspiration from but check it out! It’s all stop motion :~)

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Southern Shores will be releasing their debut LP Loja via Cascine on September 2. From the LP is new single “Palo Alto”, a beautiful synth pop track featuring some dreamy vocals. I feel like there’s no good way to describe this track because the way the song builds, it’s practically breathtaking. Southern Shores has lots of layers in this track and while it’s a pretty thick track, the light vocals and escalating build kind of brings about a delicate airiness to the track.

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Yohuna will be releasing her debut album Patientness on September 9 via Orchid Tapes. From the album is her newest single “The Moon Hangs In The Sky Like Nothing Hangs In The Sky”, a heavy synthpop track that is slow like molasses and heavy like you’re carrying the world on your shoulders. Needless to say, Yohuna is a classic Orchid Tapes artist. There is something about each artist on their roster that each of them perfectly captures the sound of pain. With “The Moon Hangs In The Sky Like Nothing Hangs In The Sky”, the thick layers of the song and her slow yet soft vocals just make me want to tear my heart out of my chest. There’s a graininess to this track that makes it lo-fi yet sad at the same time and adds a great touch to the heaviness of the song.

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London, UK – Honestly, I haven’t listened to Metronomy since he released “On Dancefloors” on his 2008 album Nights Out. But the London-based artist released his fifth studio album Summer 08 earlier this month. Just a couple days ago, they released the music video for their track “Night Owl” – a heavy synthpop-driven track. The intro starts off pretty eerie but when the music starts kicking in, you get a feel of the track in general. The first two lyrics really brought my attention to the track: Don’t need your number babe / but I’ll take it anyway. There’s something oddly honest about the track that just makes me like it a lot. The chorus on “Night Owl” is pretty heavy on the synths but you get a pretty good balance between more rock-driven and the synth-driven blocks.

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