Seoul, Korea – Last month, Neon Bunny released her sophomore album Stay Gold. I’ve been exposed to her music because she was featured on Mark Redito’s track “Daytime Disco” so when I finally heard this album, I was immediately blown away. And to be honest, I’ve been listening to a couple tracks non-stop the past few days. One of my absolute favorites is “Room314″ which features my favorite dude Mark Redito. 

Her music is what I call blissfully synthy. With “Room314″, you get a bit of the classic Redito flavor mixed in so the track is pretty pop-y. But if you listen to “All I Want Is You”, Neon Bunny’s delicate vocals practically float on top of the synth and it’s driven enough by pop that it gets you hooked in the beginning.

One of my favorite songs on the album is “Romance in Seoul”. Even though the song is mostly in Korean, something about her vocals convey all the meaning I need to get from the song. The slow rhythm and her soft vocals absolutely make me swoon. All I can say is that Neon Bunny is incredible.

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New York City, NY – Brittany Campbell shares her music video for her track “For You (prod. by Redddaz)”, taken from her EP Stay Gold pt. I. If you think her studio version of the song sounds good, you should hear her live. I actually saw her perform a couple weeks ago at a SoFar Sounds Los Angeles gig and this was the first song that she sang – needless to say that it was absolutely incredible. 

Campbell has some of the most powerful vocals I have ever heard and what blows my mind even more is how much of a mix her music is. In a lot of her songs, she incorporates soulful R&B but she mixes it with some electronica, especially the beats and rhythm of her music. With all these different elements, Campbell does an excellent job of keeping a perfect balance between all of them.

If you get a chance to see her live, absolutely do it. She’s been one of the most entertaining people I’ve seen perform and I love that she has fun on stage. Take a listen to Stay Gold pt I and I highly recommend the song “Still In Love”.

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