Nashville, Tennessee – Jamie Lidell will be releasing his new album Building a Beginning on October 14 via Jajulin Records. Just last week, his track “Walk Right Back” got the royal treatment from Nashville-based electronic trio BASECAMP. This remix is a bueatiful blend of chill electronica with some more dancey vibe. With Lidell’s soulful R&B vocals spinning, BASECAMP brings the song a new sound that plays around with a lot of different sounds and layers.

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Brooklyn, NY – Happy release day to Brasstracks, a duo that I’ve been supporting for quite some time. We’ve already heard a couple of the songs that are on their Good Love EP but you should still listen to their EP in one go. There really isn’t one track that won’t get you excited to listen to rest of the EP – it’s like one party after the next with Good Love. This EP also showcases Brasstrack’s universality and how their sound goes well with a bunch of different other artists as well (and I definitely recommend “Lemme Put This Cup Down” featuring two soundcloud producers I’ve featured before: S’natra and Alexander Lewis). Brasstracks will be having two release shows, one in NY and one in LA so if you’re in those cities, definitely be sure to check out the release show. 

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There is never not a good time for soul/R&B music. So on this lovely Wednesday afternoon, feel the sweetness of life with Nelly’s Echo’s newest track “Song For You”. When I first heard this track, I was pretty impressed with the acoustic guitar transition into the soulful beauty of this track. Nelson, Nelly’s Echo’s creator, has some soothing vocals that just take the stress out of your life. I love the slight jazz-y feel as well, which makes it a great evening track to enjoy as the day slows down. “Song For You” is effortlessly good and you’ll be swept away.

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So it’s been like a year and then some since I last posted a Missing Hito track. Well, he’s finally back with new track “Summer Knights” and it’s just as mellow as you’d expect a Missing Hito track to sound. I love the soft brass and chill but glitchy vocals. The best thing to do with Missing Hito tracks is to just press play and let yourself really feel the rhythm and hear the groove with each beat.

Just yesterday, UK-producer Maths Time Joy shared his remix of “Linger” by Azekel. If you just listen to the first fifteen seconds of the track, you know how good the rest of it will be. This remix is like the perfect combination of Maths Time Joy’s electronica mixed with Azekel’s lush yet delicate vocals. I could listen to this song non-stop ten times straight because the production is so clean that the end of the track actually segues perfectly back to the beginning. That’s how good this remix is.

Vancouver, Canada – Pat Lok will be releasing his new EP My Own Throne on July 22 via Kitsuné. To get you hyped, take a listen to his title track featuring the gorgeously lush vocals of Claire Mortifee. If you listen to any of his music, you know that Pat Lok creates some poppin’ beat-driven synths, and this track is no exception. “My Own Throne” does a great job of blending future R&B with some of the more heart-pumping synths and the track is a bit of a ride. So strap in and immerse yourself in Pat Lok’s auditory journey.

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Los Angeles, CA – Mickey Shiloh shared her new track “Woman Like Me” just last week. Working with producer Rami, Shiloh creates a sensual R&B/soul track that will get your grooving. The first thing I noticed about the song was the beat and rhythm – it flows perfectly and has the perfect pacing for Shiloh to rap over. At the beginning, I was wondering if the song was going to be a basic electronica track but the song really has its own unique flavor. The only improvement I have for this song would be to let Shiloh’s vocals shine more and they don’t need the vocal distortion. The production is spot on and every section of the song flows into the next.

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