Nashville, Tennessee – Jamie Lidell will be releasing his new album Building a Beginning on October 14 via Jajulin Records. Just last week, his track “Walk Right Back” got the royal treatment from Nashville-based electronic trio BASECAMP. This remix is a bueatiful blend of chill electronica with some more dancey vibe. With Lidell’s soulful R&B vocals spinning, BASECAMP brings the song a new sound that plays around with a lot of different sounds and layers.

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So I’ll be straightforward, my favorite thing about this remix is the break around the 3:15 mark. It’s a super abrupt break but honestly the groove on the second half of this remix is probably my favorite thing. Isle & Fever’s original sound for “Dime Piece” is pretty synthy but Keith Sweaty kills the remix by giving it more groovy synth pop sound. The first half the remix is also relatively stripped back from the original sound and I dig the whimsical little sounds scattered throughout.

Just yesterday, UK-producer Maths Time Joy shared his remix of “Linger” by Azekel. If you just listen to the first fifteen seconds of the track, you know how good the rest of it will be. This remix is like the perfect combination of Maths Time Joy’s electronica mixed with Azekel’s lush yet delicate vocals. I could listen to this song non-stop ten times straight because the production is so clean that the end of the track actually segues perfectly back to the beginning. That’s how good this remix is.

Athens, Greece – Producer Craves recently shared his remix of “Following the Sun” by Copenhagen artist M.I.L.K. I’ve been a long time fan of M.I.L.K. and I’m always cautious of remixes just because with the influx of them, it’s essential  to find the remixes that really stand out and have a unique sound. With Craves’ remix, I was immediately drawn to its careful creation – I love that M.I.L.K.’s original sound isn’t completely butchered and that Craves really does re-create it, accentuating his vocals but gives the track a different vibe by spinning some more future electronica. Needless to say, this remix is smooth and everything transitions nicely.

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I’m not sure if this is a remix of Cavalier’s remix of “Be Your Girl” by Teedra Moses or if it’s a remix of the original…either way, it’s lit. This remix is pretty choppy with the vocals but it works really well with the general sound of the track. The intro has a gorgeous liquid’y intro and whereisalex takes the remix to that future level with the insane bass and keyboard. It’s a pretty glittery track so press play and enjoy your afternoon. 

Celebrate pride and spread love, not hate~ my heart goes out to those in Orlando and everyone in the gay community and everyone that supports the gay community. Stand in unity my friends ♡

I’m always very wary of remixes but once in a while, a remix really wins me over. Today, Cavego blew my ears away with his remix of “Feel Good” by Satin Jackets feat. Scavenger Hunt. The original song is pretty glossy with the electronica but Cavego really turns it up a notch by adding a funk and disco element to the track. I really do appreciate this remix because Cavego manages to keep the core elements of the original but also manages to add his own spin, giving “Feel Good” a disco makeover. For me, the remix makes the song more danceable and the vocals are more electrifying because he highlights them so nicely.

Check out the Satin Jackets tour dates:

May 05 – Mexico City, MX @ Rhodesia Querataro
May 06 – Guadalajara, MX @ La Chupiteria
May 14 – Sacramento, CA @ This Midtown
May 17 – Miami, FL @ Bardot
May 20 – Austin, TX @ Kingdom
May 21 – San Diego, CA @ El Dorado
May 27 – Costa Mesa, CA @ The Wayfarer
May 28 – San Francisco, CA @ Mezzanine
Jun 03 – Montreal, QB @ Newspeak
Jun 04 – Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right

Kick up your Thursday morning with Oliver Nelson and his remix of “Sober” by Childish Gambino. I really don’t have much more to say except that this remix is dope beyond words. First, “Sober” is one of my favorite songs by Childish Gambino. Second, when has Oliver Nelson ever failed me? Never. “Sober” to me is usually a very chilled song that I listen to when I need to mellow out. But with Oliver Nelson’s magic, “Sober” is transformed into this wonderful nu disco track that has a heavier emphasis on the beat and makes you want to jive.

If you guys are in London, be sure to check out the Perfect Havoc Disco event on April 30th. Read all the details here and snag yourself a ticket because Oliver Nelson live would be one freaking good time.