Premiere [Video] — R.R. Perkins: “Process”

I’m beyond stoked to share with you all R.R. Perkins’ music video for his song “Process”, taken his 2015 album Vol. III. I was immediately hooked when I listened to the track because of its mellow psychedelic pop instrumentals. It reminded me of Italian electronic duo Dumbo Gets Mad and I love the exotic synthpop sounds.

The music video features drag queen Ann Artist and it was directed by James Dream. The roughness of the video gives it such an honest feel and I think Dream really plays with the psychedelia nature of the song by splicing multiple footage together into one fantasy.


Start your morning off right with Psychedele Tribe’s “Something… On My Mind”. This funky psychedelic track will get you pumped yet relaxed for the day. “Something… On My Mind” has a really good funk beat and psychedelia aura, like Ducktails mixed with a little Breakbot. Anyway, best to just hit play and get dressed for a good day.

From Matt Corby’s debut full-length Telluric, “Sooth Lady Wine” is the newest track to be released from the upcoming record. I’ve listened to his music before and I remember his music being wholesome folk rock – I was pleasantly surprised when I listened to “Sooth Lady Wine” with its smooth psychedelic pop sound; it even made me question whether or not I was remembering the right artist. This track has deep layers of sweet neo-psychedelia and I love how smooth everything transitions. “Sooth Lady Wine” is one groovy tune.

Check out this mini-tour Matt Corby is doing in January/February:

January 22—Seattle, WA—The Crocodile
January 25—Los Angeles, CA—Telegram Ballroom
January 26—Los Angeles, CA—Masonic Lodge
January 29—Toronto, ON—The Phoenix
January 31—Washington, D.C.—Black Cat
February 2—New York, NY—Bowery Ballroom
February 3—Brooklyn, NY—Rough Trade

Finals week got me down in the dumps but ain’t nothing a little dream funk can’t fix. Still Parade, Niklas Kramer, released his new single “07:41″ a couple days ago, and it is one funky mesh of sounds. Think Wild Nothing mixed with Skylar Spence with a hint of Tame Impala psychedelia. I love the rhythm on this peace and the retro-psychedelia synths that just lace in and out of the track. It’s a pretty dreamy track so sit back, relax, and let Still Parade take you on a smooth ride. Here is a bit on what Kramer has to say about the track:

“07:41 is about this weird feeling when you’re new somewhere. you feel like a stranger and no one really seems to care about you. But there’s also the chance to build up something new. It’s the point when you just don’t know what’s going to happen. Can’t be quite scary and exciting at the same time.”

Connect with Still Parade:

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter

Oh lazy afternoons, I will miss you very much. London quartet Honey Moon will be releasing their debut S/T EP on September 25. The first track released from the EP is hazy psychpop track “Waiting”. It’s like a perfect blend of Real Estate with Spectrals. The whole style of the song is laid-back, like perfect beach rock. The reverb is present but the song itself is already light so the reverb adds a nice touch. “Waiting” is like a summer breeze that you’ve been waiting when you’re relaxing outside the sun.

Hot from Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s new album Multi-Love is “Can’t Keep Checking My Phone”. I’ll be honest, the only song I know by UMO is “So Good at Being in Trouble” so this song really upped the spiciness. Nielson’s voice is so alluring because it’s a little rusty and it has that sexy old crooning sound. Everything about this song is so good from the heavy guitar picking to the composition of the chorus. Just plug in your ears and enjoy.

Toronto-based band GROUNDERS will be releasing their self-titled album on July 17 via Nevado Music. Their sound is psychedelic pop but it’s not super insane like some of Tame Impala’s tracks but it’s still more pop-ish than bands like Pond or The Temples. “Secret Friend” is that perfect balance of a little bit of neo-psychedelia mixed with just enough pop to give it an easy-going vibe for a day out in the sun. GROUNDERS sound like Tame Impala meets Velvet Underground and the album is a super chill baby. The music video for this track is like Tame Impala’s “Feels Like We Only On Backwards” coming down from a high. Still an excellent video nonetheless.