Antwerp, Belgium – Strap in for Few Bits’ newest track “Sweet Warrior” because this song will take you on a rollercoaster. What intrigued me about this track is how smoothly Few Bits is able to fit in so many different sounds into one song that is just over 3.5 minutes. This song gives you a taste of soft rock, twee pop, and even a bit of psychedelic pop. The intro to “Sweet Warrior” kind of gives you taste at the dichotomous sound of the track with a light pop base but erratic psychpop sound. This is definitely an odd track but Few Bits still makes it sound cohesive and it’s worth a listen.

“Sweet Warrior” is taken off of Few Bits’ upcoming album Big Sparks out September 30 via PIAS Records.

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Edmonton, Canada – Feeling weirdly disconnected with the world? Join The Velveteins and their new music video for “Hanging From The Ceiling”, a psychedelic doo-wop track that’ll make you feel just disoriented enough that your head feels like it’s disconnected from your body and floating in space. One of my favorite things about the track is the sweet guitar licks that introduces the track and you can hear the guitar just like that throughout the entire track. The slow rhythm of “Hanging From The Ceiling” gives the song that extra lingering and longing feeling when you feel stuck in some mind space that you just can’t get out of. The slight psychedelic hint goes hand-in-hand with the dreamy aspect of the video.

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Portland, OR – CASTLES shares their new single “Planetside”, a neo-psychedelic pop song that is quite out of this world, which fits perfectly with the blog. What separates CASTLES from other indie pop bands is their unique vocals. The vocals serve as a really nice contrast to the heavier indie pop but at times, they either get a bit too high or too low and contrasts too much with the indie pop. There definitely needs to be a balance in the vocals but “Planetside” still showcases some great fusions. All in all, the track is pretty solid – the psychedelic pop is smooth and gives the song an easy groove to vibe to.

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There’s no doubt that Adam Green is one of the oddest person. With the upcoming release of his film Adam Green’s Aladdin, I find him to be one of the most bizarre people in the world. Recently, Green shared the video for his track “Nature of the Clown”, taken from the soundtrack for his film. The graphics are just a sneak peek at the oddity that goes on in his brain and a little peak at what the film will consist of. The lyrics, the sound, everything. It’s all so odd but enjoyable at the same time. 

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Premiere — R.R. Perkins: “Time We Have Left”

Earlier in the year, I premiered R. R. Perkins’ music video for his track “Process”. Today, I’m super stoked to premiere “Time We Have Left”, taken from his upcoming release Vol. IV. Needless to say, Perkins has once again blown me away with his glorious synthpop style. I usually get bored with completely instrumental tracks but “Time We Have Left” has this psychedelic pop tint to it that gives it a nice funk overlay. Check out what Perkins has to say about the track:

It’s about that underlying gut feeling of melancholia that follows when it’s time to say goodbye to a special connection–the transitory nature of things consume you in that moment.

Vol. IV will be out within a month!

Still Parade will be releasing his debut album Concrete Vision on June 3 via Heist or Hit Records. The newest track released from the album is “Walk In The Park”, a soft dream funk track that reminds me of why I loved his music in the first place. Compared to his previously released track “07:41″, “Walk In The Park” has less of an obvious funk vibe but it’s definitely present, just more mellowed out. I feel a stronger Wild Nothing vibe on this track and it has a bit of the Real Estate dreaminess to it too. It’s a pretty peaceful track and it kind of reminds me of the 80s electropop love songs.

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Minneapolis, MN – Night Moves shared their newest track “Carl Sagan” this morning, along with their 2016 tour dates. Needless to say: I AM FRICKING EXCITED. When I first heard this band back in 2013, I instantly fell in love and have been waiting for a long, long time for them to come back. AND THEY ARE HERE. With “Carl Sagan”, the band goes back to their funky psychedelic roots that I loved so much in their debut LP Colored Emotions. But it still sounds different. It relies less heavily on the synths and really has a harder songwriter core. With the previously released single “Denise, Don’t Wanna See You Cry” and “Carl Sagan”, it sounds like Pennied Days has a more serious and darker vibe and I absolutely love it.

And you bet your butt that I’ll be at their Thursday 5/12 show at The Echo!

Night Moves 2016 Tour Dates:

Thurs April 14 || Minneapolis, MN || First Ave
Sat April 16 || Chicago, IL || Schubas
Mon April 18 ||Toronto, ON || Drake
Tues April 19 || Montreal, QC || Le Divan Orange
Thurs April 21 || Philadelphia, PA || B&
Fri April 22 || Brooklyn, NY || Rough Trade
Sat April 23 || Boston, NY || Great Scott
Sun April 24 || Washington, DC || DC9
Mon April 25 || Columbus, OH || Rumba Cafe
Tues April 26 || Indianapolis, IN || The Hi-Fi
Wed April 27 || Madison, WI || The Frequency
Fri May 6 || Seattle, WA || Sunset Tavern
Sat May 7 || Portland, OR || Doug Fir
Tues May 10 || San Francisco, CA || Rickshaw Stop
Wed May 11 || Santa Barbara, CA || Velvet Lounge
Thurs May 12 || Los Angeles, CA || The Echo
Fri May 13 || San Diego, CA || Casbah
Sat May 14 || Phoenix, AZ || Rebel Lounge
Wed May 18 || Austin, TX || Sidewinder
Thurs May 19 || Houston, TX || Rudyards British Pub
Fri May 20 || Dallas, TX || Double Wide
Sat May 21 || Kansas City, MO || Tank Room
Sun May 22 || Omaha, NE || Reverb Lounge

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