If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you would know how much I love King Krule (and basically any of Archy Marshall’s music projects). I’ve been on a little King Krule binge the past couple of days and I recently re-watched the video of him playing “Baby Blue” for La Blogotheque’s A Take Away Show – which is one of my favorite series ever on YouTube. The song is already so raw but it sounds even more so when he plays it acoustically live. It’s an experience, really.


I know for a fact that I have mentioned Rhye in a previous post (because I am reading it as I write this post). “The Fall” is seriously one of my favourite tracks ever and it’s one of my top 25 most played tracks ever on my iTunes, which says a lot and should be an award given at the Grammys or something. Anyway, this song is one of the saddest songs ever and I love the music video for it because it makes me sad x10000000000000. Yay sadness! Weeeeee! I’ll post a second Rhye video up some time next week just so I can post up something from this band again.

Stream — Bombay Bicycle Club: “Luna”

I am so stoked for Bombay Bicycle Club to release their new album So Long, See You Tomorrow. They released their first “Carry Me” a few months ago and I’ll admit that it took a few listens before I really started loving it but with “Luna”, I’m already in love. Both “Carry Me” and “Luna” actually have similar qualities with each other, but I hope that their upcoming album will have some more singer/songwriter styled songs because I really do love those.
I tried to link up the video but Vevo is being a butt and won’t let you view it on blogspot. Check it on Pitchfork though!
Stream “Luna” (via Pitchfork)

Stream — Yuck: “Memorial Fields”

Okay even though yesterday I said that the music scene is kind of dry, I am actually pretty stoked for the new Yuck album and all these singles they have been releasing. I do feel ambivalent about some of the tracks but “Memorial Fields” got me excited once again. My first Yuck song was “The Wall” so “Memorial Fields” is really different to what I am expecting from Yuck. I guess I assumed that they had the indie garage rock kind of feel but I’ve discovered that they are quite versatile in their music genres. The beginning guitar chords make me feel like I’m at the beach and it is quite a mellow song so here come to feelings.

Stream — Toro Y Moi: “Campo”

A new Toro Y Moi track? Yup and it’s called “Campo”. Personally, I’m a fan of his fast paced tracks like “New Beat” or the heavy synthy stuff like “Blessa”. It’s quite jazzy, which I like, but man I really like his upbeat tracks more. Nonetheless, it’s a great track but hopefully when he releases a new album, it’ll have more tracks that make me want to get off my lazy ass and dance.

Stream “Campo” (via Pitchfork)

Stream — Dean Wareham: “Love Is Colder Than Death”

Remember that 80s alt. rock band Galaxie 500? Okay I actually do (I like retro things okay!) and they had this amazing song called “Tugboat”. I think it was in the movie 16 Candles or something; it was definitely a Molly Ringwald movie. Anywho, Galaxie 500 member Dean Wareham released his single “Love Is Colder Than Death”. I really like how it still has the 80s alt. rock vibe.