Oakland, California – An artist that I’ve really loved lately is Hazel English, who will be releasing her debut EP Never Going Home on October 7 via Marathon Artists. Today, she shared her newest track “I’m Fine”, a dreamy, synth-driven track that’ll pull your heart strings. The track starts off with some gritty guitar chords but it sets the tone of the song and contrasts nicely with English’s synthy vocals. “I’m Fine” may have a light, airy sound but the softness of the track adds a melancholy sadness that’ll catch you off guard.

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Oakland, CA – Hazel English will be releasing her debut EP Never Going Home on October 7th. She recently shared the music video for her title track, and if you’ve listened to any of her other music, you’ll find comfort in her warm, synth pop. While her music has a warm and slightly upbeat sound to it, there does seem to be an underlying sadness to her music. Maybe it’s her vocals, the lyrics, or something else…either way, Hazel English can illicit some deep feelings when you listen to her music. With “Never Going Home”, she has similar sounds to a more pop-y shoegaze sound with a bit of the Real Estate dream pop sound. Take a listen to just let yourself sink into her gorgeous and ethereal sound.

Oakland, CA – Trails and Ways will be releasing their sophomore album Own It on October 7. From the upcoming record is their single “My Things”, and the band just released a music video featuring their very own Keith! I had the pleasure of interviewing him when they had released their single back in spring and “My Things” is a song relative to the capitalistic nature of society and perhaps even more so about the excessive value and attention people give to their things. The video is a funky little piece, featuring Keith and all his things, or at least a good portion of it. He has some pretty solid dance moves in here that I might draw some inspiration from but check it out! It’s all stop motion :~)

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Oakland, CA – Trails and Ways is back with some new tracks after the release of their 2015 album Pathology. “My Things” brings about a new flavor to the band with some dream pop that has darker melodies. The song is less polished than their other songs but that raw energy adds such a dynamic element to the song. I love the slightly muted vocals, which works well with the whisper-y sound. The guitar honestly kills on the track too. 

Trails and Ways will be going on a mini-tour as well! Check out the dates here:

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If you just started reading this blog, know that Astronauts, etc.’s debut LP Mind Out Wandering was one of my favorite albums of 2015. Just last week, the band released four live tracks from the album. And I thought I couldn’t love this band any more. Listening to the studio album, I had my skepticism about how good Astronauts, etc. could sound live, and then Live Out Wandering came out. I’m seriously impressed that they can sound like they do in-studio on a stage, but even more so, their live sound has a much more emotional sound. I love the emphasized jazz/funk elements that they have live, and it’s even funkier.

Catch Astronauts, etc. at Club Bahia on Thursday, March 10. Tickets are $12. This is an 18+ event.

Oakland, CA – Experimental pop band juche released their second album echo $title earlier in January this year. From the album is “captainsofthisearth”, a sample-based track that gives off some serious Björk vibes. The song draws upon many layers of sounds and meshes them all into this hazy synth track. It’s got some chillwave elements in it that give it such a relaxing sound. The vocals are distorted heavily but it adds to the hazy vibe of the song. It’s almost like a mix of the chillness of the chillwave and the hazy synths of noise pop.

Astronauts, etc. — ‘Mind Out Wandering Demos’

I’ve always had a special spot for demos because I think there’s something magical about the raw cut of the song before it goes in studio to become this pristine little thing. As you all know, Astronauts, etc.’s Mind Out Wandering is one of my favorite albums of the year, and I have to say the demo album is just as good…maybe even better. As said in the description, these demos are the “blueprints of the songs” before the in-studio session and they are absolutely fantastic. It’s raw yet still so soulful at the same time. I feel like it’s rather rare for people to put out demos but I’ve always found them to be such an essential part of music and with Astronauts, etc. it’s absolutely magical. Definitely take a listen and if you have $5, it’s a great purchase.