Los Angeles, California – Snowball, ii will be releasing their sophomore album Doughnut Hole on September 16 via Doughnut Records. Straying from their usual noise pop/shoegaze sound, Snowball, ii goes down the neo-folk route and present their single “I Doughnut Want To Live”. There is something about this song that is simple and honest that makes me really love it. The simple melodies and straightforward lyrics kind of remind me of Fog Lake. There is also something heartbreaking yet encouraging about “I Doughnut Want To Live” that lets me relate to it. Take a listen to the track and relish in its songwriting.


As we get into the autumn season, I will crave folk music more and more. Then again I live in LA so it’s still hot like an oven here. Keenan O’Meara recently released his first single “Might As Well Swim”. This is not your typically indie folk. His voice has the same ghostly warmth as Bon Iver but this track is definitely not your sweet little country folk. It has such a theatrical symphonic sound to it. It’s neo folk. It’s beautiful in every way, from the lyrics to the voice to the actual composition of the song.

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