Feature: Falcon Punch “Cream”


Colorado – All right my party people, time to get your weekend started with some smooth, smooth electronic funk music. I had the pleasure of chatting with Minneapolis producer and artist Falcon Punch. I’ve written a couple of posts on him already but he’s been on hiatus for roughly a year and he’s back with his newest track “Cream”, which was in the inaugural edition of All Good Records’ Freshly Baked series. 

Unlike other interviews, I’d rather present Falcon Punch to all of you instead of just writing out our conversation. So let’s begin:

Avery Henderson makes some of the grooviest and smoothest tunes you’ll find – and hopefully as you can hear from his newest release “Cream”. Hailing from Minneapolis, one of the best scenes for music, Henderson was a huge Prince fan and has been playing music ever since he was just a boy. Even better, he was in a punk rock band in high school.

In 2008, Henderson moved to California to study at a university and that’s when he became more exposed to the nu disco/dance scene. One of Henderson’s biggest influences was Aeroplane, a Belgian nu disco producer, and you can definitely hear how Henderson draws the same clean cut yet synthy sounds from Aeroplane. In his junior year of college, he studied abroad in Amsterdam and also when he edited a 70s disco song and birthed the identity of Falcon Punch. Why the name Falcon Punch, you might ask. I did ask. And the answer was really quite simple and honest: It’s a pretty well-known phrase, especially if you’ve even heard of Super Smash Brothers. And in my opinion, I kind of thought there’s some correlation between his producer name and the actual phrase. A lot of Henderson’s music is like nostalgia revamped. There’s a lot of familiarity in his music, whether it be his originals or his remixes, but he does an excellent job of keeping what’s essential but still puts out great, new music.

As I mentioned before, I’ve already written a couple posts on his music, and when I was looking through my old posts, I noticed that Henderson remixes a variety of artists, ranging from Trails and Ways to Holy Models. So what makes him want to remix a track? Good vocals and music that isn’t extremely heavy on the smooth electronica sound. Take a listen to some of his old remixes here:

So what’s up with Falcon Punch? “Cream” is the first single he’s released in roughly a year. Over the last year, Henderson has been busy with his own startup but realizing that he has a lot of unreleased material, he’s back in the music biz. If you’re really digging “Cream”, no worries because Falcon Punch is coming back hard this year. He’ll be releasing a Beat Connection remix soon and on Monday, he’ll be sharing new release Higher via Noon Pacific. It’ll be his first song that he wrote completely by himself, featuring some guest vocals from Wild & Free. Definitely be on the lookout this year!

Avery was also kind enough to share with me his top 10 tunes. I’m definitely feeling the HONNE and The Avalanches picks on this one, and obviously Hall & Oates and Air France are simple classics. There’s definitely a good mix in here so take a listen:

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Show Review — Night Moves at The Echo 5/12


On Thursday, May 12, I had the utmost pleasure of going to The Echo to see one of my favorite Minneapolis bands, Night Moves, perform. This year, Night Moves finally released their sophomore album Pennied Days via Domino Recording Company, four years after the release of their debut album Colored Emotions.

I can tell you that I’ve been waiting four years to see this band live and they did not disappoint at all. While Night Moves did change their live lineup, their sound was still absolutely incredible. Listening to Pennied Days, I was definitely interested in hearing how they would sound live because their music does rely on synths. But needless to say, Night Moves kills it live as they do in the studio. 


A huge fan favorite was “Border on Border” and the crowd went absolutely nuts when they played it live. When I first heard the final studio version on the album, I thought it was a bit too polished but the live version always gets me. “Border on Border” starts off with a prelude on the album but when Night Moves plays it live, they dive straight in. Even just playing the first couple of chords, the whole crowd knew exactly that they were going to play “Border on Border”. While they are on tour for their new album, Night Moves still played a couple of songs from Colored Emotions and it absolutely warmed my heart to hear people singing along, knowing the lyrics and melody of songs that came out four years ago.

To be honest, I was surprised to see how packed the room was at The Echo. Surprised, but thrilled beyond words because I thought that only a handful of people knew about my favorite band from Minneapolis. Needless to say, the show was absolutely incredible. There were few people at the start but when Night Moves was about to go on, I noticed a swarm of people behind me, trying to get closer.


Every second of the performance, I was absolutely mesmerized. There wasn’t a second that I took my eyes off the stage. Night Moves knows how to put on a good a show and lead John Pelant had some of the most outrageous outfits I had ever seen. All in all, the show was fun and everything that I had dreamed. There are few bands that I would see live more than once, and Night Moves is one of them.

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*photos edited by Joey Wong*


Minneapolis, MN – Night Moves shared their newest track “Carl Sagan” this morning, along with their 2016 tour dates. Needless to say: I AM FRICKING EXCITED. When I first heard this band back in 2013, I instantly fell in love and have been waiting for a long, long time for them to come back. AND THEY ARE HERE. With “Carl Sagan”, the band goes back to their funky psychedelic roots that I loved so much in their debut LP Colored Emotions. But it still sounds different. It relies less heavily on the synths and really has a harder songwriter core. With the previously released single “Denise, Don’t Wanna See You Cry” and “Carl Sagan”, it sounds like Pennied Days has a more serious and darker vibe and I absolutely love it.

And you bet your butt that I’ll be at their Thursday 5/12 show at The Echo!

Night Moves 2016 Tour Dates:

Thurs April 14 || Minneapolis, MN || First Ave
Sat April 16 || Chicago, IL || Schubas
Mon April 18 ||Toronto, ON || Drake
Tues April 19 || Montreal, QC || Le Divan Orange
Thurs April 21 || Philadelphia, PA || B&
Fri April 22 || Brooklyn, NY || Rough Trade
Sat April 23 || Boston, NY || Great Scott
Sun April 24 || Washington, DC || DC9
Mon April 25 || Columbus, OH || Rumba Cafe
Tues April 26 || Indianapolis, IN || The Hi-Fi
Wed April 27 || Madison, WI || The Frequency
Fri May 6 || Seattle, WA || Sunset Tavern
Sat May 7 || Portland, OR || Doug Fir
Tues May 10 || San Francisco, CA || Rickshaw Stop
Wed May 11 || Santa Barbara, CA || Velvet Lounge
Thurs May 12 || Los Angeles, CA || The Echo
Fri May 13 || San Diego, CA || Casbah
Sat May 14 || Phoenix, AZ || Rebel Lounge
Wed May 18 || Austin, TX || Sidewinder
Thurs May 19 || Houston, TX || Rudyards British Pub
Fri May 20 || Dallas, TX || Double Wide
Sat May 21 || Kansas City, MO || Tank Room
Sun May 22 || Omaha, NE || Reverb Lounge

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Y’all. This is the day I die. Minneapolis-based band Night Moves is finally giving us all peek at what they’ve been working on ever since the release of their 2012 album Colored Emotions, which absolutely blew my mind. Today, the band released the music video for their track “Denise, Don’t Wanna See You Cry”, from their upcoming album Pennied Days. What more can I say expect that their sound is so different and unique. Comparing this track to the general vibe of Colored Emotions, there’s heavier synth and a more serious tone but you still get Night Moves’ funky, psychedelic vibes.

Also, can I just say how great this video is. Night Moves transcends what we call “hipster”. I’ve always admired their sense of style (you should definitely check out their Instagram!) Anyway, great video, great song, great band. I’m super stoked to have them come on my radio show.

Pennied Days will be released on March 25 via Domino Recording Company.

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Happy Tuesday morning! It’s always so sunny in LA and to go along with your mid-morning coffee is a new track from Minnesota band Hippo Campus. Taken off of their upcoming EP South is the title track. I’ve actually heard this song a couple months ago when the group played a live version that was posted on YouTube. The vibe is definitely more defined in the studio version but you can feel this wanderlust sound to the song. The live version has an earthy sound to it that feels more personal but honestly “South” is such a solid song from the steady indie rock base to the natural buildup of the song.

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