Seoul, Korea – Last month, Neon Bunny released her sophomore album Stay Gold. I’ve been exposed to her music because she was featured on Mark Redito’s track “Daytime Disco” so when I finally heard this album, I was immediately blown away. And to be honest, I’ve been listening to a couple tracks non-stop the past few days. One of my absolute favorites is “Room314″ which features my favorite dude Mark Redito. 

Her music is what I call blissfully synthy. With “Room314″, you get a bit of the classic Redito flavor mixed in so the track is pretty pop-y. But if you listen to “All I Want Is You”, Neon Bunny’s delicate vocals practically float on top of the synth and it’s driven enough by pop that it gets you hooked in the beginning.

One of my favorite songs on the album is “Romance in Seoul”. Even though the song is mostly in Korean, something about her vocals convey all the meaning I need to get from the song. The slow rhythm and her soft vocals absolutely make me swoon. All I can say is that Neon Bunny is incredible.

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I’ve been a huge fan of Mark Redito since day one. Lately, he’s been releasing track within a greater span of time but when he does release a new track, he always goes beyond my expectations. Just a couple days ago, he shared his newest creation: “Boba Date”. This track is very different from his Desire LP but if you’ve been following him, you can hear how his taste and style has grown. I still hear traces of his signature “kawaii pop” sound in this track but it’s definitely more focused on an electronic-dance track. With the distorted vocals on this track, I’m immediately reminded of the Japanese electropop duo capsule. “Boba Date” is quite new and distinct but you’ll find solace in that it still carries the signature Mark Redito/Spazzkid sound.

Really needed some Mark Redito this Friday because of my extremely stressful life. Mark Redito has these bubbly kawaii pop songs that just lift these stress balls off my shoulders. ZEN & kev. used his track “Promise” and reconstructed it into “Pink Sand”. I love that they incorporate Redito’s signature light, 8-bit like sounds. Every second of this song just transcends me into a more blissful state of being.

Anything Mark Redito makes and does is kawaii AF, and I really, really want him to be a guest on radio show when it’s finally established. It’s a work in progress but it’s going be dope. The newest release from Redito is his fantastic remix of “Summer” by Banvox. It’s the middle of December but he makes me crave the sweet, warm memories of summer. How can you feel anything but happiness when you listen to this remix? I feel like the only way I can describe how I feel while I listen to his songs are through Japanese emoticons: ✮⃛( ◞´•௰•`)✮⃛

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to post this, especially since I posted up LUCA LUSH’s remix first and even attended the live stream. It’s honestly such a small world because I know someone who knows Mark Redito and I think it’s crazy because I’d love to meet him. Onto the music! Redito’s newest track “So Many Things To Tell You” is…simply superb. With his music specifically, I’ve just labeled it as kawaii pop and he just keeps revolutionizing his sound. I’ve noticed that he’s put a heavier emphasis on the rhythm and beats in his music, which adds a weight but he still keeps the light, airiness of the kawaii, 8-bit like sounds. It blows my mind.

Oh Mondays, what am I going to do about you. We’re really starting off this morning with a bang so here is Luca Lush’s superb remix of Mark Redito’s “So Many Things To Tell You”. I haven’t posted the original yet but that’ll come out within a week or so. Also, I think he isn’t making music anymore under Spazzkid, which makes me sad a little because Spazzkid is one of those artists that I started listening to when this blog started and…just a lot of memories. Nonetheless, Luca Lush really kills it with this remix and really has that hyped, video-game feel that mixes so well with Redito’s style. It’s really cool to hear these artists develop their sound over the years and Redito really has transformed and it’s a blessing to hear him make music these past few years.

I’ve been a long time fan of Mark Redito (aka Spazzkid/fka Spazzkid), actually I would say that I’ve been a fan of his work since the beginning of this blog. Just last week, Mark Redito released a track titled “3am Apologies” via Secret Songs. Over these years, his sound has been more defined and it’s a treat for me to hear it develop. “3am Apologies” is the pinnacle of it all, Redito’s rhythmic yet slow beats, lush synths, and beautiful lyrics. I first used the term kawaii pop to describe his music and there are hints of it scattered throughout this song, hidden underneath the synths. “3am Apologies” is heavier compared to Redito’s usual bubbly sound but there’s no doubt that this song is absolutely sincere. It practically oozes sincerity.