Oakland, California – An artist that I’ve really loved lately is Hazel English, who will be releasing her debut EP Never Going Home on October 7 via Marathon Artists. Today, she shared her newest track “I’m Fine”, a dreamy, synth-driven track that’ll pull your heart strings. The track starts off with some gritty guitar chords but it sets the tone of the song and contrasts nicely with English’s synthy vocals. “I’m Fine” may have a light, airy sound but the softness of the track adds a melancholy sadness that’ll catch you off guard.

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Montclair, New Jersey – Forth Wanderers will be releasing their EP Slop on November 11, and take a peek at the EP with their title track “Slop”. This song nail the perfect slow rhythm for a garage rock track with heavy reverb. With lead vocalist Ava, Forth Wanderers could be 2016 version of All Dogs, one of my favorite bands of 2015. The lingering guitar chords and Ava’s mellow and slow vocals gives “Slop” that kind of grimy feeling when you’re just trudging on. The track is just under four minutes, and you’ll enjoy every second of it.