London, UK – Continuing today’s string of female vocalist, I’m so super excited to share with you guys Nilüfer Yanya’s newest track “Small Crimes”. I think the best way to describe this track is a cross between Okay Kaya and Daughter. The song is pretty minimal with just a guitar but that bareness makes her vocals even more electrifying. I love the way that the song builds because when it cuts back to the bareness, especially at the end, the song just leaves such a more impactful effect on you. Nilüfer Yanya is definitely someone to keep on your radar.

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London, UK – Whilk & Misky recently shared their newest single “All By Myself”. If you think this song sounds familiar, that’s because Whilk & Misky is the same duo that released “Clap Your Hands”, which was really popping a few months back. The duo brings their infectious groove with this new track and their distinct vocals make it a pretty classic Whilk & Misky track. With “All By Myself”, I really noticed the distinct brass – it’s not particularly in your face and has a real nice subtlety to it that once you pay attention to it, you can’t help but focus on the brass. Pretty jammin’ track.

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London, UK – Keep it mellow and calm this Thursday with Odina and her title track “Broken” from her upcoming EP. What captured my attention the most about this track is the delicate sound on this track – it reminded a lot of Birdy when she released her covers of “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver and “1901″ by Phoenix. The songwriting, especially on the guitar, is simple yet that simplicity is what makes this song great. While this isn’t the strongest singer-songwriter track, I do recognize Odina’s potential in developing her sound, her vocals, and her songwriting. There is a melodic cohesiveness to the track and the song doesn’t stay stagnant.

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London, UK – Honestly, I haven’t listened to Metronomy since he released “On Dancefloors” on his 2008 album Nights Out. But the London-based artist released his fifth studio album Summer 08 earlier this month. Just a couple days ago, they released the music video for their track “Night Owl” – a heavy synthpop-driven track. The intro starts off pretty eerie but when the music starts kicking in, you get a feel of the track in general. The first two lyrics really brought my attention to the track: Don’t need your number babe / but I’ll take it anyway. There’s something oddly honest about the track that just makes me like it a lot. The chorus on “Night Owl” is pretty heavy on the synths but you get a pretty good balance between more rock-driven and the synth-driven blocks.

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London, UK – Indie rock quartet ISLAND recently released their double single ‘Spotless Mind/Come With Me’. Listening to “Come With Me”, I definitely felt like I was listening to a British indie rock band because there is a bit of different between British and American rock. This track has the perfect mellow indie rock sound with the way the vocals blend with the bass. The lead guitar drives the song with its trills and prolonged notes. It’s a pretty groovy tune and perfect for any afternoon by the pool.

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Norway – Closing out this peaceful Friday night is Flores and her new track “Oceans”. I’ve been a fan of Maths Time Joy for a while so I as not surprised by the flawless production on this track. “Oceans” has a pretty deep R&B electronica sound and it contrasts nicely with Flores’ lush vocals. The intro is pretty minimal but Maths Time Joy really creates a great build into the complex layers of the song.

London, UK – Five-piece Leif Erikson returns to the blog with their new single “Flying High”. This tracks follows up their previous single “Never Get You Out Of My Mind”. Both tracks have a very distinct alternative/indie rock sound that really reminds me of the good rock back in the mid to late 00s. With “Flying High”, Leif Erikson really highlights the vocals and creates and solid mellow rock base. The overall composition and lyrics on the track are superb and this is definitely a band to watch out for this year.

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