Los Angeles, California – Snowball, ii will be releasing their sophomore album Doughnut Hole on September 16 via Doughnut Records. Straying from their usual noise pop/shoegaze sound, Snowball, ii goes down the neo-folk route and present their single “I Doughnut Want To Live”. There is something about this song that is simple and honest that makes me really love it. The simple melodies and straightforward lyrics kind of remind me of Fog Lake. There is also something heartbreaking yet encouraging about “I Doughnut Want To Live” that lets me relate to it. Take a listen to the track and relish in its songwriting.


I’ve never been able to pinpoint Kishi Bashi’s sound. I remember when I first heard his music, I had pinned him as a standard indie pop artist. And then he came out with some music that had some super solid violin on it so I thought he was pop with a classical spin. And now, Bashi shared his newest track “Say Yeah”, and it just throws all be previous classifications into the trash can. The best way to describe this song is a little bit of everything. Some of my favorite elements on this track is the classic Kishi Bashi violin but also the sick flute. The intro on this track is stunning – the 8-bit electronic sounds plus the glossy keyboard and steady beat. His vocals have a more electronic filter over it but it fits so well with the general sound and vibe of this track. My best advice is to just press play and let Kishi Bashi take you on a ride. It kind of has a Mayer Hawthorne vibe on it that I’m really digging too.

“Say Yeah” is taken from Kishi Bashi’s upcoming LP Sonderlust, out September 16.

Fraternal Twin will be releasing their second album Homeworlding on October 14 via Ghost Ramp. The first track from the album is “False Alarm”, a breezy, dreamy pop track that is like a mix of Real Estate and some of the more relaxed indie rock. There’s something effortless about this track that gives it such a peaceful sound. From the beginning guitar licks to the soft vocals, “False Alarm” is like the immediate sense of relief when you realize something was a false alarm. Perfect as the sun is setting and you drift off into slumber.

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Liverpool, UK – Trudy and the Romance returns to this blog with their new single “Wild”. I was definitely surprised by the introduction beat and how much it gave ode to the 1950s rockabilly sound but the track definitely gives you the signature Trudy and the Romance trash pop vocals and style. I’ve definitely heard a lot of their tracks and I can tell you that “Wild” is certainly a different sound from the band but the band is really good about having a style. Listening to any of their songs, I can tell that it’s a Trudy and the Romance track. Also, Bill Ryder-Jones produced their track – how awesome is that?

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Chicago, Illinois – Enjoy some bubbly indie pop with “Social Circles” from Cold Blue Kid’s previous release Mimic EP. This track represents a slice of the music that I listened to in middle school, transitioning to high school. From the blissed our vocals to the simple yet catchy instrumentation reminds me so much of Peter Bjorn and John. The female vocals give the song such a lovely ring and plus, the track is free!

Just last month, Cold Blue Kid released a new EP titled Way Out. I’d say that the EP still has the Cold Blue Kid charm with a stronger influence from indie rock. Check it out here:

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Portland, OR – CASTLES shares their new single “Planetside”, a neo-psychedelic pop song that is quite out of this world, which fits perfectly with the blog. What separates CASTLES from other indie pop bands is their unique vocals. The vocals serve as a really nice contrast to the heavier indie pop but at times, they either get a bit too high or too low and contrasts too much with the indie pop. There definitely needs to be a balance in the vocals but “Planetside” still showcases some great fusions. All in all, the track is pretty solid – the psychedelic pop is smooth and gives the song an easy groove to vibe to.

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Ajax, Ontario, Canada – The Happy Club (aka Trevor Cameron) released his EP Where To Begin… on May 13. “Privilege Blues” is one of the six songs on the EP and it has a wonderful baseline. It was especially the baseline that reminded me of older britpop songs like those from The Beatles. I like that the reverb on the track isn’t insanely intense but instead, it’s a nice accent to the song.

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