Oakland, California – An artist that I’ve really loved lately is Hazel English, who will be releasing her debut EP Never Going Home on October 7 via Marathon Artists. Today, she shared her newest track “I’m Fine”, a dreamy, synth-driven track that’ll pull your heart strings. The track starts off with some gritty guitar chords but it sets the tone of the song and contrasts nicely with English’s synthy vocals. “I’m Fine” may have a light, airy sound but the softness of the track adds a melancholy sadness that’ll catch you off guard.

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Oakland, CA – Hazel English will be releasing her debut EP Never Going Home on October 7th. She recently shared the music video for her title track, and if you’ve listened to any of her other music, you’ll find comfort in her warm, synth pop. While her music has a warm and slightly upbeat sound to it, there does seem to be an underlying sadness to her music. Maybe it’s her vocals, the lyrics, or something else…either way, Hazel English can illicit some deep feelings when you listen to her music. With “Never Going Home”, she has similar sounds to a more pop-y shoegaze sound with a bit of the Real Estate dream pop sound. Take a listen to just let yourself sink into her gorgeous and ethereal sound.

Oakland artist Hazel English makes her way back onto AR with her new single “Fix”. To put it simply, the track is like cotton candy and bubbly champagne. Her music is easy to listen to with its soft melodies and heavy synth that gives it a fairytale-esque quality. Contrasting with her previously released track “It’s Not Real”, “Fix” has a more dream pop sound to it rather than the slight hint of indie rock in her other single. There’s even a Camera Obscura quality to it that gives it that twee pop sound.

Oakland artist Hazel English released her newest single “It’s Not Real”. It has the hazy summer vibe that is perfect for laying under the sun and soaking up all the time in the world. English’s voice is perfectly mellowed out that it just melts with the music base. I found the song to echo Beach Fossils mixed with a little bit of Best Coast’s summer-y indie rock vibes. “It’s Not Real” has this calming aura to it but it definitely has a little bit of pop with the percussions.