London, UK – Continuing today’s string of female vocalist, I’m so super excited to share with you guys Nilüfer Yanya’s newest track “Small Crimes”. I think the best way to describe this track is a cross between Okay Kaya and Daughter. The song is pretty minimal with just a guitar but that bareness makes her vocals even more electrifying. I love the way that the song builds because when it cuts back to the bareness, especially at the end, the song just leaves such a more impactful effect on you. Nilüfer Yanya is definitely someone to keep on your radar.

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Antwerp, Belgium – Strap in for Few Bits’ newest track “Sweet Warrior” because this song will take you on a rollercoaster. What intrigued me about this track is how smoothly Few Bits is able to fit in so many different sounds into one song that is just over 3.5 minutes. This song gives you a taste of soft rock, twee pop, and even a bit of psychedelic pop. The intro to “Sweet Warrior” kind of gives you taste at the dichotomous sound of the track with a light pop base but erratic psychpop sound. This is definitely an odd track but Few Bits still makes it sound cohesive and it’s worth a listen.

“Sweet Warrior” is taken off of Few Bits’ upcoming album Big Sparks out September 30 via PIAS Records.

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Gjøvik, Norway – Anna of the North released her newest track “Us” just a couple days ago, and you’ll be blown away by her chillingly smooth voice. Even just listening to the intro, “Us” is an effortlessly cool track with its clean electronica but light pop. Anna of the North’s vocals have the perfect airiness to them that connect each of the elements in this song perfectly. Before you know it, this 3.5 minute song will be over but you’ll have it on repeat.

Lyttelton, New Zealand – Aldous Harding will be doing on her first US tour, supporting one of my favorite bands Deerhunter. This singer-songwriter will capture your heart in an instant with her delicate yet ghostly music. “Stop Your Years” is one of her newest singles and you can hear the honesty and raw emotion in her voice. This is a relatively simple song but its simplicity carries so much. 

Aldous Harding will be releasing her S/T album on September 30 via Flying Nun Records.

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Valley Queen – “In My Place”

Los Angeles, CA – Valley Queen caught my attention back in May and they’ve once again put themselves on my radar with their new track “In My Place”. This track will be released on August 12 with their single “High Expectations”. Their lead vocalist, Carol, has one of the strongest pair of vocals and they’re reminiscent of other strong female vocalists such as Stevie Nicks and Florence Welch. With “In My Place”, we get a perfect blend of indie rock and more classic rock-rooted vocals. At first, her vocals may sound like they don’t fit song but when you hear the intensity of each, they match up perfectly to create a whirlwind of a track. Perfectly soulful.

Check out their upcoming shows:

8/14 – KCSN Performance (Los Angeles, CA)

8/18 – Downtown Artery (Ft. Collins, CO)

8/19 – Lost Lake Lounge (Denver, CO)

8/20 – Steve’s Guitars (Carbondale, CO)

8/21 – Brues Alehouse Brewing Company (Pueblo, CO)

8/24 – Radisson: Paper Valley (Appleton, WI)

8/25 – East Side Club (Madison, WI)

8/26 – Ignition Music Garage (Goshen, IN)

8/27 – River Roots Live Fest (Davenport, IA)

8/28 – First Avenue: 7th St. Entry  (Minneapolis, MN)

8/29 – Daytrotter (Davenport, IA)

8/30 – Hideout Inn (Chicago, IL)

8/31 – MOTR Pub (Cincinnati, OH)

9/01 – Music Box Supper Club (Cleveland, OH)

9/02 – Fleetwood’s Tap Room (Toledo, OH)

9/03 – Club Cafe (Pittsburgh, PA)

9/06 – World Cafe Live – (Philadelphia, PA)

9/07 – Mercury Lounge (New York, NY)

9/08 – Gypsy Sally’s (Washington, DC)

9/09 – Lizard Lounge (Cambridge, MA)

9/10 – Otis Mountain Get Down (Elizabethtown, NY)

9/15 – The Roxy (West Hollywood, CA)

10/06 – Firecreek (Flagstaff, AZ)

10/07 – Raven Cafe (Prescott, AZ)

10/08 – Club Congress (Tucson, AZ)

10/09 – Last Exit Live (Phoenix, AZ)

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Norway – Closing out this peaceful Friday night is Flores and her new track “Oceans”. I’ve been a fan of Maths Time Joy for a while so I as not surprised by the flawless production on this track. “Oceans” has a pretty deep R&B electronica sound and it contrasts nicely with Flores’ lush vocals. The intro is pretty minimal but Maths Time Joy really creates a great build into the complex layers of the song.

Brooklyn, New York – Jam out this Wednesday night with new Hardly Art signing IAN SWEET. The trio recently shared their new single “Slime Time Live”, taken off of their upcoming debut LP Shapeshifter out September 9. When I first listened to this track, I was impressed by the progression in the song. The track first starts off like a garage rock track but it eases its way into a more noise pop-oriented style. “Slime Time Live” perfects that heavy reverb haze and soft vocals that makes me feel like I’m stuck in some sort of dystopian society…or like I’m stuck in a broken VHS tape. Definitely a band to look out for this year.

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