London, UK – Continuing today’s string of female vocalist, I’m so super excited to share with you guys Nilüfer Yanya’s newest track “Small Crimes”. I think the best way to describe this track is a cross between Okay Kaya and Daughter. The song is pretty minimal with just a guitar but that bareness makes her vocals even more electrifying. I love the way that the song builds because when it cuts back to the bareness, especially at the end, the song just leaves such a more impactful effect on you. Nilüfer Yanya is definitely someone to keep on your radar.

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South London – Multi-instrumentalist Hudson Scott recently shared his newest track “Get Down”. I don’t even know where to begin with this song because it’s incredible every second of the song. In the beginning, “Get Down” might seem like a regular synthpop track and Scott’s vocals have that luxurious deep sound, but when you hit the chorus, you get the full effect of the song. The pop-driven 80s synth of the song is interlaced with some heavy, heavy melodies that really give the song this complex nostalgia. At first, I was thrown back to some similarities with A Flock of Seagulls but Hudson Scott’s songwriting also has this darkness to it that contrasts nicely with the heavy synth. Needless to say, “Get Down” is an intricate track and you’ll be surprised with the progression of the song.

I’ve never intentionally listened to Porter Robinson and I’m pretty sure I’ve only heard remixes of his songs. But from what I can tell from the remixes, Robinson has a naturally upbeat and bubbly sound to his music. Just a couple days ago, he collaborated with French producer Madeon (Hugo Leclercq) to release new track “Shelter”. Longtime friends, Porter and Madeon wanted to make and share a song that represented their friendship – and if this is what their friendship sounds like, I’m absolutely jealous yet thrilled to find two producers that inspire each other in their own respective careers. With Madeon on vocals, “Shelter” is an inspiring pop-driven electronic track. And it kind of reminds me of Passion Pit’s more upbeat, pop music (coincidentally, Madeon came on my radar when he collaborated with Michael Angelakos on a song last year). 

Anyway, I’d say listen to this song if you want to hear what a solid friendship sounds like. It’s pretty damn inspiring. 

Porter Robinson & Madeon Shelter Tour Dates:

9/29: Atlanta, GA @ The Tabernacle

10/1: Oklahoma City, OK @ The Critereon

10/2: Austin, TX @ Austin City Limits

10/4: Royal Oak, MI @ Royal Oak Music Theatre

10/5: Chicago, IL @ Aragon Ballroom

10/6: Kansas City, MO @ Midland Theatre

10/7: Dallas, TX @ South Side Ballroom

10/8: Houston, TX @ Revention Music Center

10/9: Austin, TX @ Austin City Limits

11/13: Toronto, ON @ Danforth Music Hall

11/14:  Montreal, QC @ Metropolis

11/16: Washington, DC @ Echostage

11/25: San Francisco, CA @ Bill Graham Auditorium

11/26: Los Angeles, CA @ Microsoft Theater

11/29: San Diego, CA @ The Observatory North Park

12/1: Denver, CO @ Fillmore Auditorium

12/2: Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex

Feature: Falcon Punch “Cream”


Colorado – All right my party people, time to get your weekend started with some smooth, smooth electronic funk music. I had the pleasure of chatting with Minneapolis producer and artist Falcon Punch. I’ve written a couple of posts on him already but he’s been on hiatus for roughly a year and he’s back with his newest track “Cream”, which was in the inaugural edition of All Good Records’ Freshly Baked series. 

Unlike other interviews, I’d rather present Falcon Punch to all of you instead of just writing out our conversation. So let’s begin:

Avery Henderson makes some of the grooviest and smoothest tunes you’ll find – and hopefully as you can hear from his newest release “Cream”. Hailing from Minneapolis, one of the best scenes for music, Henderson was a huge Prince fan and has been playing music ever since he was just a boy. Even better, he was in a punk rock band in high school.

In 2008, Henderson moved to California to study at a university and that’s when he became more exposed to the nu disco/dance scene. One of Henderson’s biggest influences was Aeroplane, a Belgian nu disco producer, and you can definitely hear how Henderson draws the same clean cut yet synthy sounds from Aeroplane. In his junior year of college, he studied abroad in Amsterdam and also when he edited a 70s disco song and birthed the identity of Falcon Punch. Why the name Falcon Punch, you might ask. I did ask. And the answer was really quite simple and honest: It’s a pretty well-known phrase, especially if you’ve even heard of Super Smash Brothers. And in my opinion, I kind of thought there’s some correlation between his producer name and the actual phrase. A lot of Henderson’s music is like nostalgia revamped. There’s a lot of familiarity in his music, whether it be his originals or his remixes, but he does an excellent job of keeping what’s essential but still puts out great, new music.

As I mentioned before, I’ve already written a couple posts on his music, and when I was looking through my old posts, I noticed that Henderson remixes a variety of artists, ranging from Trails and Ways to Holy Models. So what makes him want to remix a track? Good vocals and music that isn’t extremely heavy on the smooth electronica sound. Take a listen to some of his old remixes here:

So what’s up with Falcon Punch? “Cream” is the first single he’s released in roughly a year. Over the last year, Henderson has been busy with his own startup but realizing that he has a lot of unreleased material, he’s back in the music biz. If you’re really digging “Cream”, no worries because Falcon Punch is coming back hard this year. He’ll be releasing a Beat Connection remix soon and on Monday, he’ll be sharing new release Higher via Noon Pacific. It’ll be his first song that he wrote completely by himself, featuring some guest vocals from Wild & Free. Definitely be on the lookout this year!

Avery was also kind enough to share with me his top 10 tunes. I’m definitely feeling the HONNE and The Avalanches picks on this one, and obviously Hall & Oates and Air France are simple classics. There’s definitely a good mix in here so take a listen:

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Can you tell I’m actually a softie on the inside? Well either way, please enjoy this super, super cute track titled “BUBBLE TEA (feat. juu & cinders)” by dark cat. I usually use “kawaii pop” to describe Mark Redito’s music but this song undoubtedly fits under that genre. From the soft vocals to the light electropop, “BUBBLE TEA” is like the sound of infatuation at its highest intensity.

Poland – Electronic producer Duit shared his video for “All The People” feat. Jesse Boykins III back in June. When I first heard this track and watched the video, I was blown away by the intensity of both. The track itself is an intricate piece, balancing pop with R&B and electronica for a delicate fusion. The consistent build on “All The People” is breathtaking and the lyrics are absolutely inspirational, especially when you listen to the track and see the strength in the dance number.

London, UK – Whilk & Misky recently shared their newest single “All By Myself”. If you think this song sounds familiar, that’s because Whilk & Misky is the same duo that released “Clap Your Hands”, which was really popping a few months back. The duo brings their infectious groove with this new track and their distinct vocals make it a pretty classic Whilk & Misky track. With “All By Myself”, I really noticed the distinct brass – it’s not particularly in your face and has a real nice subtlety to it that once you pay attention to it, you can’t help but focus on the brass. Pretty jammin’ track.

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