Seoul, Korea – Last month, Neon Bunny released her sophomore album Stay Gold. I’ve been exposed to her music because she was featured on Mark Redito’s track “Daytime Disco” so when I finally heard this album, I was immediately blown away. And to be honest, I’ve been listening to a couple tracks non-stop the past few days. One of my absolute favorites is “Room314″ which features my favorite dude Mark Redito. 

Her music is what I call blissfully synthy. With “Room314″, you get a bit of the classic Redito flavor mixed in so the track is pretty pop-y. But if you listen to “All I Want Is You”, Neon Bunny’s delicate vocals practically float on top of the synth and it’s driven enough by pop that it gets you hooked in the beginning.

One of my favorite songs on the album is “Romance in Seoul”. Even though the song is mostly in Korean, something about her vocals convey all the meaning I need to get from the song. The slow rhythm and her soft vocals absolutely make me swoon. All I can say is that Neon Bunny is incredible.

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Spokane, Washington – Alaska-based band Lavoy recently shared the music video for their newest single “Smile”. It’s easy to tell just listening to the first few seconds of the song why I’m a huge fan. The infectious indie dance pop sound of the song will sweep you away and the catchy rhythm of the song is one that you can’t stop yourself from dancing to. The sections of the song don’t have lavish transitions but they’re enough to keep the verses separate while coherent. There’s also a sincere genuineness in the lyrics and intentions behind “Smile”, so smiling while listening to this song is a natural reaction.

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What better way to start your Monday morning off right than with Mr Sanka’s newest track “Flight Mode”. This trio brings together modern indie pop with some more dance-driven rhythms. The beat on this track is incredible and you seriously can’t stop yourself from bopping your head or tapping your foot to the sick guitar licks. The upbeat sound on “Flight Mode” reminds me a bit of Miami Horror but Mr Sanka does have a more tropical sound to their sound. This is definitely a feel good track so press play and start your week off right.

Austin, TX – The Lagoons return to Abduction Radiation with their newest track “California”. The duo, originally from Los Angeles, followed up their EP Hypocrisy last year with a more jazz-driven sound but still keeping their usual soft indie pop sound. If you listen to their lead single “Hypocrisy” and listen to “California”, you’ll definitely hear a sophistication within their music. This new single has a cleaner and more defined sound and the stronger role of jazz in this song really give their sound such a nice sound. 

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I’ve been a huge fan of Mark Redito since day one. Lately, he’s been releasing track within a greater span of time but when he does release a new track, he always goes beyond my expectations. Just a couple days ago, he shared his newest creation: “Boba Date”. This track is very different from his Desire LP but if you’ve been following him, you can hear how his taste and style has grown. I still hear traces of his signature “kawaii pop” sound in this track but it’s definitely more focused on an electronic-dance track. With the distorted vocals on this track, I’m immediately reminded of the Japanese electropop duo capsule. “Boba Date” is quite new and distinct but you’ll find solace in that it still carries the signature Mark Redito/Spazzkid sound.

Jam out this Wednesday morning with ZHU and their newest track “Generationwhy”. When I first listened to this song, I was first drawn to its infectious beat and soft vocals. It’s a pretty simple song but “Generationwhy” is one of those tracks that use the minimal number of instruments and samples to get their sound across. This is a pretty chill tune so put it on and get some work done.

New York City, NY – Jake S-M shares his new EP for reality tv and you can listen to all six tracks on soundcloud. All six tracks are roughly thirteen minutes long and it’s pure electronica – no vocals, nothing extra. All the tracks sound absolutely different from each other, some with a heavier house influence and others that play around with the experimental pop sound. You’ll definitely find a tune you like.

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