Antwerp, Belgium – Strap in for Few Bits’ newest track “Sweet Warrior” because this song will take you on a rollercoaster. What intrigued me about this track is how smoothly Few Bits is able to fit in so many different sounds into one song that is just over 3.5 minutes. This song gives you a taste of soft rock, twee pop, and even a bit of psychedelic pop. The intro to “Sweet Warrior” kind of gives you taste at the dichotomous sound of the track with a light pop base but erratic psychpop sound. This is definitely an odd track but Few Bits still makes it sound cohesive and it’s worth a listen.

“Sweet Warrior” is taken off of Few Bits’ upcoming album Big Sparks out September 30 via PIAS Records.

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Ghent, Belgium – Take it slow this Sunday afternoon with Uncle Wellington’s Wives and their newest track “The Catcher”. The song stays pretty consistent in its mellow singer-songwriter composition, really letting the vocals take reign of the track. But in looking at this song, it is also important to look at the artwork that goes with it. The band asked Sophie Doutreligne to create the artwork and the overall cool undertones of the painting serve a great base for “The Catcher”. The song serves as a response and a comfort to the painting and it gives the song a warmer vibe.

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