Nashville, Tennessee – Jamie Lidell will be releasing his new album Building a Beginning on October 14 via Jajulin Records. Just last week, his track “Walk Right Back” got the royal treatment from Nashville-based electronic trio BASECAMP. This remix is a bueatiful blend of chill electronica with some more dancey vibe. With Lidell’s soulful R&B vocals spinning, BASECAMP brings the song a new sound that plays around with a lot of different sounds and layers.

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Nashville-based trio Basecamp released their new song “N2DEEP” a couple of days ago. This electronic track combines elements of downtempo and glitch to create a smooth yet dynamic sound. “N2DEEP” is an overall mellowness that fits it perfectly with a sort of chill-trap genre. The bass and rhythm goes into very subtle changes that elevate the track into different highs and lows of emotion.

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