Work Drugs will be releasing their new album Method Acting this Friday, and take a listen to their newest single “Talking in Defense”. I’ve listened to this band way back in 2013 and I’ve always remembered their music to have this blissful synthpop sound. From listening to this track, it’s rather reassuring to be able to hear music that can still have that pop-y chillwave sound. “Talking in Defense” brings back some memories of easier summer days but there is still a grounded sound to this song that doesn’t make it 100% blissful. 


Earlier this year, Jack Garratt shared his debut album Phase and just last week, he shared the demo of this new track “BYSKB” which stands for Boy You Should Know Better. Listening to this track, my breath was taken away by smooth transitions in this track and Garratt’s genius way of handling synth and all the different layers in this track. One of the best parts on “BYSKB” is the ending when all the synthy layers just build and build but Garratt finishes the track on a gentle note.

Gjøvik, Norway – Anna of the North released her newest track “Us” just a couple days ago, and you’ll be blown away by her chillingly smooth voice. Even just listening to the intro, “Us” is an effortlessly cool track with its clean electronica but light pop. Anna of the North’s vocals have the perfect airiness to them that connect each of the elements in this song perfectly. Before you know it, this 3.5 minute song will be over but you’ll have it on repeat.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – On October 7, Suburban Living will be releasing their sophomore album Almost Paradise via 6131 Records. Take a sneak peek at the album with their single “Come True”, a heavy synthpop-driven track that has that almost erratic chillwave sound. It’s kind of insane how synthy this track is but when you keep listening to it, you’ll find the inner groove within the song soon enough. The lighter vocals on “Come True” add a nice contrast to the reverb. It’s kind of like a cross between Deerhunter and Here We Go Magic for me, and I’m digging it.

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Spokane, Washington – Alaska-based band Lavoy recently shared the music video for their newest single “Smile”. It’s easy to tell just listening to the first few seconds of the song why I’m a huge fan. The infectious indie dance pop sound of the song will sweep you away and the catchy rhythm of the song is one that you can’t stop yourself from dancing to. The sections of the song don’t have lavish transitions but they’re enough to keep the verses separate while coherent. There’s also a sincere genuineness in the lyrics and intentions behind “Smile”, so smiling while listening to this song is a natural reaction.

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Weekend Wake Up #11

The Weekend Wake Up playlist is a weekly playlist of good music to wake up to or if you’re feeling a bit stuck or slow in the day, just press play to reenergize. These playlists will include songs of different genres, pacing, and moods – so that you get a little bit of everything! Take a listen and read the little blurbs to get a feel of each track – there’s definitely something for everyone.

Drew of the Drew – Medicine (feat. Allie Crystal)
female vocalist, electronica, lots of different sections on this one and the transitions are excellent

Matt Reagan – Far
rock, soft vocals and nice easy-going sound, slick guitar

Birdtalker – Just This
solid guitar picking, alternative/singer-songwriter rock, good harmonization

Castle Pines – Palm Springs
Abduction Radiation alum tbh, indie rock that makes you miss your youth, perfect song to watch the sun set to

John Muirhead – Seventeen
sweet singer-songwriter, light upbeat sound, catchy rhythm

Theia – Silver Second
electronica, smooth/soulful/sensual (trio of golden S’s), female vocalist

Falcon Punch – Higher (feat. Wild & Free)
disco/funk, falsetto-ish voices that add a nice soft contrast, brass is on point

Brooklyn, NY – Happy release day to Brasstracks, a duo that I’ve been supporting for quite some time. We’ve already heard a couple of the songs that are on their Good Love EP but you should still listen to their EP in one go. There really isn’t one track that won’t get you excited to listen to rest of the EP – it’s like one party after the next with Good Love. This EP also showcases Brasstrack’s universality and how their sound goes well with a bunch of different other artists as well (and I definitely recommend “Lemme Put This Cup Down” featuring two soundcloud producers I’ve featured before: S’natra and Alexander Lewis). Brasstracks will be having two release shows, one in NY and one in LA so if you’re in those cities, definitely be sure to check out the release show. 

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