Valley Queen – “In My Place”

Los Angeles, CA – Valley Queen caught my attention back in May and they’ve once again put themselves on my radar with their new track “In My Place”. This track will be released on August 12 with their single “High Expectations”. Their lead vocalist, Carol, has one of the strongest pair of vocals and they’re reminiscent of other strong female vocalists such as Stevie Nicks and Florence Welch. With “In My Place”, we get a perfect blend of indie rock and more classic rock-rooted vocals. At first, her vocals may sound like they don’t fit song but when you hear the intensity of each, they match up perfectly to create a whirlwind of a track. Perfectly soulful.

Check out their upcoming shows:

8/14 – KCSN Performance (Los Angeles, CA)

8/18 – Downtown Artery (Ft. Collins, CO)

8/19 – Lost Lake Lounge (Denver, CO)

8/20 – Steve’s Guitars (Carbondale, CO)

8/21 – Brues Alehouse Brewing Company (Pueblo, CO)

8/24 – Radisson: Paper Valley (Appleton, WI)

8/25 – East Side Club (Madison, WI)

8/26 – Ignition Music Garage (Goshen, IN)

8/27 – River Roots Live Fest (Davenport, IA)

8/28 – First Avenue: 7th St. Entry  (Minneapolis, MN)

8/29 – Daytrotter (Davenport, IA)

8/30 – Hideout Inn (Chicago, IL)

8/31 – MOTR Pub (Cincinnati, OH)

9/01 – Music Box Supper Club (Cleveland, OH)

9/02 – Fleetwood’s Tap Room (Toledo, OH)

9/03 – Club Cafe (Pittsburgh, PA)

9/06 – World Cafe Live – (Philadelphia, PA)

9/07 – Mercury Lounge (New York, NY)

9/08 – Gypsy Sally’s (Washington, DC)

9/09 – Lizard Lounge (Cambridge, MA)

9/10 – Otis Mountain Get Down (Elizabethtown, NY)

9/15 – The Roxy (West Hollywood, CA)

10/06 – Firecreek (Flagstaff, AZ)

10/07 – Raven Cafe (Prescott, AZ)

10/08 – Club Congress (Tucson, AZ)

10/09 – Last Exit Live (Phoenix, AZ)

Connect with Valley Queen:

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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