Viola Beach

Back in February, I found out that the members of Viola Beach along with their manager had passed in a tragic car accident. I was at a complete loss for words when it happened because I had just written about their single “Boys That Sing” just a couple of weeks beforehand. Since their passing, Viola Beach has been making the waves across the world, and Coldplay gave them a tribute at Glastonbury this year.

When I had first heard Viola Beach’s music, I was immediately drawn to their infectious pop sound and effortlessly upbeat sound. I was an early supporter and fan of their music, and it absolutely broke my heart to hear that they wouldn’t be making anymore more music. Fortunately, Viola Beach had completed their S/T album and it was released on July 29. 

Listening to Viola Beach, I can hear their potential shining throughout the album. One of my favorite tracks on the album is “Go Outside”, an easy-going indie pop rock track that rides on the fast rhythm of the track and the slick guitar strumming. I’d still say this album is generally and upbeat track and the most somber track is “Drunk”. While the vibe of this song is less upbeat, Viola Beach still executes it with catchy rhythms while still maintaining a darker sound.

Viola Beach is the first and final album, and it’s an album that holds so much. Their music is vibrant and full of youth that it still instills me with hope and aspiration when I listen to them. If you listen to the album, I’m sure you’ll find something you like and understand how infectious Viola Beach is. Their music will thrive and live on.

Favorite Tracks:

Sings and Waterslides
Go Outside
Call You Up
Boys That Sing

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Author: Lola Hum

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