Weekend Wake Up #8

The Weekend Wake Up playlist is a weekly playlist of good music to wake up to or if you’re feeling a bit stuck or slow in the day, just press play to reenergize. These playlists will include songs of different genres, pacing, and moods – so that you get a little bit of everything! Take a listen and read the little blurbs to get a feel of each track – there’s definitely something for everyone.

Ellis Rhodes – Silent Companion
ambient, folk, slow (but also kind of sensual)

Men I Trust – Lauren
trip-hop, vocals remind me of Rhye, bass is seriously on point

Spire – Reverie (feat. FAWNA)
electronica, smooth, future house with a mix of soul/R&B

Jon Pattie – Home
singer-songwriter, uplifting, really nice positive message

Midnight Mystery Club – Richest Man in the World
funk, electronica, kind of like Daft Punk

Heavy Heart – Fruitfly
indie rock, mellow vocals, catchy rhythm and drums

Royal Canoe – Living a Lie
synthy, bit more electronica driven, cool little tidbits

Brian Tan – New Light
has some oriental-like sounds, electropop, upbeat


New Orleans, LA – Keep your Friday nice and slow with Motel Radio’s newest track “Palmilla”. There’s nothing particularly complex about this track but its mellow melodies and soft vocals will win you over. The vocals are almost like murmur, getting just a tad bit louder and distinct during the chorus. The easy-going indie rock is simple and enough to create this an underlying sadness for the track. There’s a bridge near the end of “Palmilla” that plays around with the rhythm of the track, slowing down some bits, speeding some bits up, and it adds a great dynamic for the song.

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Hoping y’all are getting through the week in one piece. If you’re getting ready for a more relaxing weekend, take a listen to berhana’s track “Janet”. The first time I heard this track, I was immediately hooked. The production and music on this track is simple yet soulful. berhana’s vocals are effortlessly smooth and it has just that tint of crooning that makes it a bit of that grainy romance. Also if you listen to the track until the very end, “Janet” gets groovier with some different beats and rhythms that gives the song a nice finish.

“Janet” is taken from berhana’s S/T debut EP berhana, out now.


Just yesterday, UK-producer Maths Time Joy shared his remix of “Linger” by Azekel. If you just listen to the first fifteen seconds of the track, you know how good the rest of it will be. This remix is like the perfect combination of Maths Time Joy’s electronica mixed with Azekel’s lush yet delicate vocals. I could listen to this song non-stop ten times straight because the production is so clean that the end of the track actually segues perfectly back to the beginning. That’s how good this remix is. 


Brooklyn, NY – Last month, I first heard IAN SWEET when they shared their single “Slime Time Live”, and I immediately fell in love with the band. The band recently shared their new single “#23″, a song that is a tribute to Michael Jordan, who happens to be the lead singer Jilian Medford’s favorite athlete. Ever since their previous single, I was in love with with their hazy, loud sound and Medford’s vocals – it’s sometimes calm and sometimes nuts, so you never what you’re getting when you listen to their track. With “#23″, IAN SWEET lets it all out with heavy reverb and cacophonous-like sounds. Honestly, this song is complete mayhem but it’s the kind of mayhem that is absolutely bonkers yet makes sense at the same time. 

Their upcoming record Shapeshifter will be released on September 9 via Hardly Art.

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London, UK – Whilk & Misky recently shared their newest single “All By Myself”. If you think this song sounds familiar, that’s because Whilk & Misky is the same duo that released “Clap Your Hands”, which was really popping a few months back. The duo brings their infectious groove with this new track and their distinct vocals make it a pretty classic Whilk & Misky track. With “All By Myself”, I really noticed the distinct brass – it’s not particularly in your face and has a real nice subtlety to it that once you pay attention to it, you can’t help but focus on the brass. Pretty jammin’ track.

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South East London, UK – I think you guys already know Tom Misch by now. He recently released his EP Reverie, which features his consistent collaborator Loyle Carner, who has rapped on some of Misch’s other tracks before. “Crazy Dream” is one of the first tracks released from the EP and it always amazes me wonderfully smooth Carner’s rap always flows with Misch’s beats. It’s like peanut butter and jelly.

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