Flamingosis has been dropping tracks lately – which means that an album is out soon and I simply can’t wait. One of my favorite tracks that he released on soundcloud is “what went wrong?” which samples dialogue from Good Will Hunting – and it slides right in and out of the track. I love the soul and funk that goes on this track, and this track is definitely more mellow but I absolutely love the vocal samples. With the different samples, “what went wrong?” is definitely an odd track but when you listen to the lyrics, it makes sense. You’ll definitely feel a range of emotions in this track.

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Amsterdam – Chill down this Wednesday with Saux and his new track “Save the World”. He’s been featured several times on this blog and he does it once again with his smooth production skills. The vocals are pretty much a slight murmur on this track but that softness adds to the sensuality of the track. There’s also just enough glitchy-ness to keep the song steady yet enjoyable.

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Paris, France – Producer Crayon gets ready to share his three-track EP Flee, and he gives us a taste of what’s to come with the title track. Featuring the sensual vocals of Ann Shirley, “Flee” is the smooth track that will open your ears to the amazing depth Crayon can go with his careful production and slick layers. This track beautifully showcases his attention to how every sound is important, not overloading our ears with so much that the music becomes distracting, but rather pinpointing our ears to specific sounds that add value and cohesiveness to the track itself.

Flee EP will be released on July 15 via Roche Musique

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New Orleans, LA – Motel Radio recently shared their new single “Phasing Out”, taken from their upcoming EP Desert Surf Films, out August 12 via Roll Call Records. When I first heard this track, I was immediately attracted to the laid back rock sound, reminding me a bit of The Beach Boys with the easy-going vibe of the track. The slight reverb on some of the guitar gives the listeners that longing feeling of the lazy summer days and the soft vocals lull them to a more relaxed state. Check out the music video involving a mannequin here:

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Seattle, WA – I remember that The Head and the Heart were one of the very first indie folk bands I had ever listened to and their self-titled album still remains one of my favorite indie folk albums. The band will be releasing their new album Sings of Light on September 9, and they recently shared new single “All We Ever Knew”. I was surprised by the bright, bubbly sound, mostly because I was only familiar with their stripped down, earthy tracks. This song is uplifting – from the lyrics to the overall progression of the song, “All We Ever Knew” is that song that we listen to when we need to push ourselves when it gets rough. 

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Los Angeles, CA – Katy Goodman (La Sera) and Greta Morgan (Springtime Carnivore) team up to release Take It, It’s Yours, an entire covers album that includes some of the greatest songs that exist. First up, Goodman and Morgan shared their take on “Bastards of Young”, the 1985 Replacements track. Their soft, harmonious vocals and more earthy sound give a completely different vibe for “Bastards of Young”. Everything about the cover is softer, compared to the Replacements’ more gritty and hard-edged track. It’s almost like a 70s female soft rock takeover – and it sounds absolutely fantastic.

Take It, It’s Yours will be released on August 26 via Polyvinyl Records. Check out the tracklist:

1. Over The Edge (Wipers)
2. Pay to Cum (Bad Brains)
3. Bastards of Young (The Replacements)
4. Sex Beat (The Gun Club)
5. Ever Fallen in Love (Buzzcocks)
6. Where Eagles Dare (The Misfits)
7. I Wanna Be Your Dog (The Stooges)
8. In the City (The Jam)
9. Dreaming (Blondie)
10. Rebel Yell (Billy Idol)

New York City, NY – Maps of Suburbia recently shared their new track “Highway One”, an intense indie folk rock track. I was drawn to this track because of its intricate layers, from quick plucking to build-up on the drums to the little percussion sounds. Everything in this track comes together cohesively and Nick Perlman’s vocals has the perfect octave for keeping the song just a little bit eerie.