Boston, MA – General Crush will be releasing his debut LP this September. But before then, get a taste of his music with his newest single “Eyes on Me”. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’d know that my ultimate soft spot is for folk music. When I first listened to this song, it reminded me why I loved this genre so much – it keeps me grounded. The honesty in the lyrics on “Eyes on Me” is somewhat of a realization. There is a certain simplicity to this song that kind of just reminds me that we all put on masks and sometimes we just need to all the masks off and really realize who we are. I love the mellow composition in the music and how cohesive everything sounds.

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Los Angeles, CA – Dive into the summer with isle&fever’s newest single “Dime Piece”. Think of this song has old Toro y Moi vocals mixed with some 80s synth pop. isle&fever is the project of Donald Eley and Tiger Smith of Gangplans. With this new single, the duo shares their blissful pop that has multiple layers of funk and disco to keep you dancing all night long. What I love the most about “Dime Piece” is the slight sensual sound with their its slick bass rhythm and guitar. Definitely a good add to any Friday night playlist.

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Copenhagen, Denmark – Last year, I was a massive fan of M.I.L.K. and he returns this year with his first official single “Following The Sun”. In this new single, we still get his infectious indie pop music but the synths are a huge highlight in the song. There’s almost that feeling of “sunburn synths” to this song with the insane electropop but M.I.L.K. really kills it on the vocals and the pop composition on this song. It’s really like an ode to 80s electropop and you’ll easily fall in love with it.

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Portland, OR – CASTLES shares their new single “Planetside”, a neo-psychedelic pop song that is quite out of this world, which fits perfectly with the blog. What separates CASTLES from other indie pop bands is their unique vocals. The vocals serve as a really nice contrast to the heavier indie pop but at times, they either get a bit too high or too low and contrasts too much with the indie pop. There definitely needs to be a balance in the vocals but “Planetside” still showcases some great fusions. All in all, the track is pretty solid – the psychedelic pop is smooth and gives the song an easy groove to vibe to.

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On August 5, Dustin Tebbutt will be releasing his debut LP First Light, which is also the name of his newest single. To put it simply, “First Light” is the kind of indie folk pop song that makes you believe in love again. Everything about this single oozes a love that is breathless, especially when Tebbutt sings during the chorus. I love the simple beat on this song but it’s all the layers of instrumentation that pulls everything together into such a wonderful, cohesive song.

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Portland, OR – Minden will be releasing their new LP Sweet, Simple Things this summer via Hit City U.S.A. The indie pop band shared the LP’s lead single “Real Sugar” just a couple days ago. To put it simply, this track is blissful pop. The singing style on the track reminds me of some of the soft rock in the late 70s with the sweet harmonies. I love the touch of the keyboard and the groovy melodies that ooze throughout the track.

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Brooklyn, NY – Four-piece band Plastic Picnic shared their debut single “Nausea in Paradise”. What drew me to this song is the laid-back indie pop rock style that Plastic Picnic brings to the table. The light indie pop sound of the band has a hint of 80s new wave, almost like a fusion of a bit of The Wake and I love the guitar throughout the track. “Nausea in Paradise” is one of those songs you can hear in a John Hughes movie when the guy and the girl finally kiss. One of my favorite bits about the song is final bridge when the song gets pretty mellow.

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