Kick up your Thursday morning with Oliver Nelson and his remix of “Sober” by Childish Gambino. I really don’t have much more to say except that this remix is dope beyond words. First, “Sober” is one of my favorite songs by Childish Gambino. Second, when has Oliver Nelson ever failed me? Never. “Sober” to me is usually a very chilled song that I listen to when I need to mellow out. But with Oliver Nelson’s magic, “Sober” is transformed into this wonderful nu disco track that has a heavier emphasis on the beat and makes you want to jive.

If you guys are in London, be sure to check out the Perfect Havoc Disco event on April 30th. Read all the details here and snag yourself a ticket because Oliver Nelson live would be one freaking good time.


Author: Lola Hum

I am not real...or at least not who you think I am, merely a figment of my own imagination. If you stumbled upon this blog...I can only wonder how.

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