Premiere — Big Little Lions: “In The Quieter Times”


I am super excited to share with you guys singer-songwriter duo Big Little Lions (Helen Austin and Paul Otten) and their newest track “In The Quieter Times”. When I first heard this song a couple weeks ago, I was taken away with their refreshing folk sound. “In The Quieter Times” is pure in all forms: from the wholesome lyrics to the earthy melodies. I love the cleanness of the track and how honest the song itself sounds. This song has that air of invincibility to it that whisks you away – from Austin and Otten’s beautiful harmonies to the incredible songwriting.

Big Little Lions is no stranger to the world of singer-songwriters. Having won several awards from winning 1st place at International Songwriting Competition to the top prize of Song of the Year in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, this duo knows how to make good music. And that is evident with “In The Quieter Times”. 

“In The Quieter Times” is taken off of Big Little Lions’ upcoming sophomore album Just Keep Moving, out May 6th.

Connect with Big Little Lions:

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter


Author: Lola Hum

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