I really enjoy my Saturday afternoons when I’m just doing light work and just repairing myself. A song that I’ve been enjoying for the past few days is “Vacation” by Jack Moy & Glöden. I love that the intro starts off rather relaxing and rather stripped down. But as you keep listening, you hear the vibrant mix of indie rock and folk pop of the song. The upbeat sound of the track can really brighten anyone’s day up, however, you really don’t hear it until about a minute in – it’s almost as if it’s two different songs mashed into one.

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Are y’all ready to get your FUNK on? I honestly think the funk revival is one of the greatest things in the world because it’s my ideal genre for dancing. Kraak & Smaak is getting ready to release their new record Juicy Fruit and the debut single from the record is “I Don’t Know Why” featuring the wonderful vocals of Mayer Hawthorne. I’ll admit, at some points, it’s almost like the funk is eating me alive but when Kraak and Smaak really mix in other layers, it’s perfect. I love the sensual sound to this track and it’s not one of those 80s funk that makes you feel like you’re suffocating. At some points, the synths are a little heavy for my taste but I do love the funk that is really present throughout the track.

Los Angeles, CA – Jerry Paper (aka Lucas Nathan) will be releasing their eight record Toon Time Raw! on 6/17 via Bayonet Records (label mates include Frankie Cosmos and Beach Fossils). The first taste at the upcoming record is “Ginger & Ruth”, a song that draws from jazz, rock, pop, and a hint of psychedelia. What first drew me to the song is how the song is guitar-driven yet still has a bit of the Mayer Hawthorne-funk. I love that the song isn’t that serious and it’s an easy-going song that can draw audiences of different backgrounds and interests. 

Check out the tracklist for Toon Time Raw! here:

1. In The Puzzle Room
2. Ginger & Ruth
3. Zoom Out
4. Kill the Dream
5. Stargazers
6. Benny Knows
7. Gracie II
8. Comma for Cow
9. Elastic Last Act
10. Hijinks Ensue
11. Shouldn’t You Be Laughing?
12. Jumbo Ron
13. Plans
14. Nirvana Mañana

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New Zealand – Two weeks ago, Yumi Zouma announced that they will be releasing their debut LP Yoncalla later this year, and naturally, I am stoked! Just a couple days ago, the band shared the newest single from the LP titled “Barricade (Matter Of Fact)”. In my opinion, I think this song is a wonderful exhibition as to how they have evolved as a band. While the song is still synth pop track, it’s definitely less heavy on the synth and rides on the soft and whimsical sound of their new lead vocalist Christie Simpson. For Yumi Zouma, I’d consider this song relatively stripped down and it’s absolutely breathtaking to hear them like this. I love the delicate sound of this track and I’m excited to listen to the rest of the record.

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Remember when I used to post a Flamingosis track every week? I will get my life together for you and to spread the magic of Flamingosis. I hope y’all have been having a vibing Tuesday because it’s about to get even better. Flamingosis’ newest track “An 8 Ball Affair” is everything you need to get you poppin’. How can you not groove to the saxophone on this track? Also that album art – absolute fire. 

And if you didn’t know, Flamingosis is already working on a new album, and this is probably (definitely) a sneak peek at the new album. It already sounds so good. I will cry tears of joy when it drops.

Norway – New act Firewoodisland recently shared his newest EP Dome and off of that EP is the title track “Dome”. To describe this song in word, I would go with magnificent. The track draws from folk roots but also incorporates orchestral pop that gives the song an impactful and passionate sound. The musical composition on “Dome” is simply breathtaking with its immense sound with the slight chamber pop sound. I love the way the song starts of simply with just some guitar picking but the song builds up fast with the strong vocals and fantastic music.

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Detroit, MI – HALA (aka Ian Ruhala) will be releasing his upcoming album Spoonfed on May 13 via Balaclava Records. From the album is “Club Soda”, a trash pop track that will slowly win you over. What first drew me to this song was the Mac DeMarco-like lax sound and the slight reverb to the song. The melody of the song is simple yet nostalgic enough to keep you rooted. “Club Soda” also has a quality that could grouped with the likes of Real Estate with their blissful synth-driven pop sound.

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