Roughly a month ago, I featured John Joseph Brill and his breathtaking single “False Names”, taken from his new EP False Names. I mentioned previously that his vocals are simply sublime. There’s so much emotion and depth to them that you can’t help yourself but feel moved. Recently, Brill covered The Smashing Pumpkins’ “1979″, which is honestly one of my favorite songs of all time. It’s one of those songs that people like to cover but honestly the original still sounds the best; however, Brill covers the song with just a piano and his voice, and he makes it work. It’s a gorgeously simple cover yet packs so much emotion in its simplicity.

If you missed the last post, I highly recommend getting a taste of “False Names”. It’ll remind you of The National and make you feel right at home.


Author: Lola Hum

I am not real...or at least not who you think I am, merely a figment of my own imagination. If you stumbled upon this blog...I can only wonder how.

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