Athens, GA – I fell in love with Mothers the first time I heard their song “Too Small For Eyes”, but that love quickly grew when I heard “It Hurts Until It Doesn’t”. It’s honestly one of my favorite songs right now and I’ve played it on my radio show quite a few times. I love the lethargic sound to the song and the music video is so perfect in multiple ways. Taken from their debut album When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired, “It Hurts Until It Doesn’t” is one of the heavier songs on the album but it packs so much emotion and rhythm into a seemingly innocent track.  

The music video was shot by their guitarist, Kristine Leschper, who writes of it, “Casper has been missing since the 30th of December, but I still find his hair in my bedsheets. He was as sensitive as I was. When I walked to work in the morning, he would follow until we approached the highway, where I bullied him into turning around. He got into fights with the other cats, never could quite settle down. Last winter in a house without central heat I was doing everything I could to let the depression and anxiety finally win. Hardly more than a vague blur, this footage is the only remaining video I have of my best friend, who was so often the only thing keeping me rooted in reality, feeding me optimism, helping me survive.”

Check out the rest of Mothers’ 2016 tour dates. I’ll be at the Los Angeles show on 4/1 at The Echo!

03.13.16          Denton, TX @ 35 Denton
03.15.16          Austin, TX @ SXSW
03.16.16          Austin, TX @ SXSW
03.17.16          Austin, TX @ SXSW
03.18.16          Austin, TX @ SXSW
03.19.16          Austin, TX @ SXSW
03.21.16          Colorado Springs, CO @ Flux Capacitor
03.22.16          Fort Collins, CO @ Downtown Artery
03.23.16          Denver, CO @ Lost Lake Lounge
03.24.16          Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court0
03.25.16          Boise, ID @ Treefort Music Festival
03.28.16          Seattle, WA @ The Vera Project %
03.29.16          Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios %
03.31.16          San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop
04.01.16          Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo

% w/ All Dogs

Connect with Mothers:

Official Site | Facebook | Bandcamp


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