Album Review — La Sera: ‘Music For Listening To Music To’


La Sera releases their new album Music For Listening To Music To on March 4 via Polyvinyl Records. Husband Todd Wisenbaker joins Katy Goodman as La Sera and the album has a ringing jangly pop sound to it gives it a nice cohesive sound.

The album starts with single “High Notes”, a track that mixes several genres. Initially, I noticed its surf rock lax style but Goodman’s singing style gives it a bit of a folk twang. The mix of surf rock with folk roots “High Notes” in some more earthy vibes. I love the fast rhythm on this track and that the harmonica comes in near the end of the track, which amplifies the earthy folk sound.

While “Take My Heart” has a more downtrodden sound, I love the dreamy synths. It contrasts greatly with “A Thousand Ways”, which might be my favorite track on the album. Both tracks have the synthy, dream pop sound but the vibe could not be anymore different. “A Thousand Ways” has the sound of infatuation, like everything your love does absolutely perfect, and I absolutely love it. The lyrics for “Take My Heart” is simply heartbreakingly beautiful.

Overall, I love the surf rock and jangly pop sound that brings the whole album together. I feel like I was thrown back to a more retro time while listening to Music For Listening To Music To. Love and relationships is definitely an over-arching theme on the album, and La Sera did a great job at tackling the different aspects and feelings that go with being in love, falling in love, falling out of love, and so on.

Favorite Tracks:

High Notes

A Thousand Ways

One True Love

Take My Heart



Author: Lola Hum

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