Turn up your Thursday afternoon with PLS&TY and his new track “Used To This (feat. MOONZz)” and collaborated with Autolaser. This song is perfect for any addition to your Thursday pre-game playlist. The future bass on this track is fantastic and MOONZz’s vocals are always spot on. I love all the layers that blend together but they still all add a distinct sound to the track. Free download to save that wallet of yours!

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Bristol, UK – Singer-songwriter Fenne Lily released her debut single “Top To Toe” just a couple of days ago. When I first listened to this track, I was immediately taken back to the first time I listened to Lucy Rose. Lily’s vocals have a slight whispering sound to them that makes the songs feel much more intimate. Like Rose, Lily drives her songs with minimal instrumentation, focusing more on the lyrics and bittersweetness of her songs. “Top To Toes” is simple yet evokes an unwavering sense of pain. I think we can definitely expect some big things from her because I genuinely haven’t found anyone remotely close to Lucy Rose until I heard this track. Download the track for free on her website.

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Hamburg, Germany – Three-piece indie rockers Consolers shared their newest single “Harry”. Taken from their upcoming EP Astronaut Babies, “Harry” is an indie rock track that draws influences from the likes of Mac DeMarco and other surf rock and surf pop acts. The track is like a milder version of San Francisco based band Hot Flash Heat Wave. I love the guitar on this track and the vocals are slightly muffled to give a more lax feeling. There’s also a bit of psychedelic pop that permeates throughout the track that I really like.

Astronaut Babies will be released on April 29 via Diffus Tapes.

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Oh man, oh man I don’t even know where to begin. Fog Lake is honestly one of my favorite artists of all time and I cried a little when I saw that he released a new song today. Taken from his upcoming LP (still unnamed), “Rattlesnake” is the first peek at the album. This song reminds me more of Fog Lake’s fifth album virgo indigo. The track has a louder bedroom pop sound but you can still hear his whispery vocals. Honestly, Fog Lake has always nailed his songs, from the lyrics to the composition. Most people can’t perfect the bedroom pop sound but Fog Lake is consistent yet manages to experiment with different sounds and present to us wonderful music.

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Over a year ago, BADBADNOTGOOD shared a reinterpretation of “Seasons (Waiting On You)” by Future Islands and it was one of my favorite tracks that I found through Spotify. I heard this version before the original and I honestly like this version so much better. I love the rhythm and all the little samples that BADBADNOTGOOD mixed in. This version is a lot more stripped down and I think with the lyrics, there’s a lot more bittersweetness emphasized. The original is bit too cluttered with synths and I just love BADBADNOTGOOD’s vision of this track.

Show Preview — Matthew Logan Vasquez @ The Bootleg Theater on 4/2

On April 2, Matthew Logan Vasquez will be playing at the Bootleg Theater, touring for his new album Solicitor Returns. Frontman of San Diego band Delta Spirit, Vasquez’s vocals still shine amazingly on this new record. His vocals have always mesmerized me on the Delta Spirit tracks and it’s no different now. However, Solicitor Returns does have heavier ground in indie rock more. One of my favorite tracks on the album is “Maria” and the guitar gives the track some serious The Black Keys-like roots. I love that the song has a slow rhythm so you can really bask in the heavy reverb of the song. Another one that I really like is “Black East River”, another slow song. This song has more blue grassroots, which highlights Vasquez’s unique vocals. The guitar has a bit of a linger on this track that gives it such an amazing longing feeling.

Solicitor Returns is definitely more intense than Delta Spirit but it’s kind of like that album you drink whisky or rum to, rather than some margaritas on a Monday night. It’ll be one hell of a show to catch live so be sure to bring your A game to the show.

The Bootleg Theater is a 21+ venue. Tickets range from $15-$17, buy here!

Stream — Lenno: ‘Good Thing’ EP

Another EP that came out on March 25 was Lenno’s Good Thing. I previously featured the track “Fever” back in November but I’m back with “Better With You”. The track is a collaboration with Bee’s Knees and also features Monogem’s gorgeous vocals. I’ve heard Bee’s Knees remixes before so I know this pairing would be fantastic. The nu disco isn’t super over the top but it definitely has a presence in the track. I really love that nu disco blends with the house more so the track has a more relaxed sound that still has a groove to it.

I also really like the re-edit of “Good Thing” on the EP. I think the original was a little too intense and robotic for my taste but Lenno returns to his classic nu disco sound with the re-edit. Also, this edit is much more upbeat and makes you want to dance. In general, Good Thing is a pretty funky EP and a perfect add to some pump up playlist.