Start your Saturday morning with some post-punk energy from Adult Books. Taken from their upcoming debut Running from the Blows is “Nihilism For Beginners”. Compared to the rest of the album, I think this song really stands out because most of the debut is the classic surf and garage rock that Lolipop Records usually releases. But “Nihilism for Beginners” takes me back to New Order, right after the dismantling of Joy Division. I love the heavy reverb, verging on noise pop but just enough of a taste that it still has that it has the new wave sound.

Another track on the album that has a similar post-punk vibe is “Firewalking”, which is also a great track but I personally prefer “Nihilism for Beginners”. For “Firewalking”, the intro guitar reminded me of Beach Fossils but with the heavier Joy Division dark new wave influence. 

I really love Running from the Blows because there is such a great range of rock. With “In Front of Myself”, you get a the light surf rock sound if you’re looking for something to vibe out to under the sun. “Hours on Hands” you get a bit of the Beach Fossils and Craft Spells sound with the hazy indie rock sound. “Vision Revisions” has the sound of the 90s garage rock vibe, when teen spirit was alive and burning with fire. You’ll definitely find a song, if not a couple, that suits your tastes. 

Running from the Blows will be released on March 4th via Lolipop Records / Burger Records

Favorite Tracks:

Casual Wrecks

In Front of Myself

Nihilism for Beginners

Hours on Hands

Vision Revisions


Author: Lola Hum

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