Album Review — The Spires: “DREAMCONFUSION”


Ventura, CA – Indie rock band The Spires return with their 2016 album DREAMCONFUSION, following their 2013 album Eternal Yeah. My introduction to this band is rather recent (within the last couple of months), but I’ve quickly grown fond their indie rock sound. I was immensely impressed by Eternal Yeah and DREAMCONFUSION is no disappointment. 

The Spires has a consistent sound throughout their music but they keep the listener hooked with their easy-going sound. Songs like “Big Blue Nothing” give homage to some real retro indie rock bands like The Clean. Songs in DREAMCONFUSION draw from the indie rock sound that’s been timeless for ages: think of this album has the cool, hip stuff your parents would listen to in college. 

I found “Losers” to be a little more different from all the other tracks on the track. Instead of their usually jangly guitar sounds, The Spires went heavier on the reverb to give the song a more lethargic feel, drawing upon hazy mixture of sounds. It’s almost a shoegaze-esque song. One of my favorite tracks on DREAMCONFUSION is “Pretty Lonely in a Car”, the second shortest song on the album. I love the simplicity of this song and it’s got this California surf rock vibe on it that captures the essence of those summer days on the beach.

Favorite Tracks:

Beautiful Cellophane

Pretty Lonely in a Car

A Re-creation of Everyday Life

Boy Named Cloud


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Author: Lola Hum

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