Happy Saturday! Freshly released, Montagues & Capulets put out their debut single “Aileen” earlier today. Think old school Arctic Monkeys with a little bit of the Girls pop-y sound and a bit of The Libertines. I loved this song on first listen because it has such a classic indie rock sound, like from the 2000s to around 2011, and it also has a tint of britpop. The jangly guitar chords give the song a nice easy-going sound and the rhythm is catchy enough that it doesn’t become all about the rhythm but lets you focus on the lyrics and overall sound. Definitely check them out and relive the golden sound of indie rock.

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Oh my fucking God! ! ! ! When I first listened to this remix, I lost my mind because it is that good. Louis Lastic recently shared his remix of “Rewind (feat. GoldLink)” by Kelela. Y’all know how picky I am about my remixes so you know this shit is absolute fire. I love the way Louis Lastic adds and subtracts layers throughout the song, creating such a great dynamic sound and solid buildup. Also, this remix is free so bonus points~

Frankie Cosmos killed it last year with release of her EP Fit Me In. Kicking off 2016, Frankie Cosmos will be releasing her newest single “Sinister” from her upcoming project Next Thing on April 1 via Bayonet Records. Her whimsical vocals and soft garage rock sound creates a perfect dynamic sound that draws in with the softness of her voice and lyrics but makes you stay with the catchy sound. “Sinister” reminds me a bit of the anti-folk genre…so maybe this is like anti-indie folk? If that’s not a thing, we should make it a thing.

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Taken from their upcoming S/T, “It’s Easy to Love” is one of those gangly indie rock songs that keep you tapping your feet. The intro has these super odd xylophone-like sound that kind of draws you in and at the 0:15 mark, the band starts to ease you into the real sound of the song. I’m absolutely in love with the guitar on this track: it’s like Life In Film meets Hippo Campus, and it’s fantastic.

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Santa Barbara-based band Givers & Takers put out a music video for their track “Start the Morning” back in November 2015. I don’t know what else to say about this song except for the fact that Givers & Takers really nail the mellow soulful bliss rock sound. It’s like Mayer Hawthorne and The Temptations had a baby. “Start the Morning” is actually one of those songs that you want to start the day to – relaxing yet eases you into consciousness.

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Stream — Operators: “Cold Light”

Operators will be releasing their debut full length Blue Wave on April 1 via Last Gang Records. The first peak at the album is “Cold Light”, a new wave track that sounds like a cross of The Bravery and New Order. The song has a great intro and finish – the consistent beat keeps the energy cruising and the electropop tint on the song gives it such a solid polish. “Cold Light” actually has a bit of darkwave to it that gives it a mysterious allure, like some random person you dance the night away with and you’ll never see them again.

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Back in December, healy shared his album A Galaxy With Skin for FREE via mediafire, and I have to say it’s one lit album. “Phantoms” is probably one of my favorite tracks off the album because of its super mellow, chill beats. The rhythm of the rap is like gentle waves slowly hitting you and you just bask in its glory 100%. Also, we all need a little pick-me-up halfway through the week so grab this for free and take a little breather.