DOUBLE FEATURE! This post is long overdue but I’m definitely going to be squeezing a ton of posts during the last couple weeks of 2015. For this one, I am featuring SPORTS and Addie Pray, both projects of Carmen Perry. Back in October, Perry released the album All of Something under her band SPORTS. I listened to the whole album through and it’s a pretty solid, standard soft pop punk album. All the songs coalesce into a whimsical album that is easy-listening when you need to feed your inner rebellious teen spirit. The sound on All of Something is like Bully crossed with Eskimeaux’s vocals and girl power of Girlpool.

At the end of November, Perry released the album Screentime under the solo project Carmen Pray. The styles on the two albums aren’t vastly different but there are definite shades of nuances between them. With Screentime, Perry showcases a more stripped down persona with the honest lo-fi sounds. You get what you hear – Perry and her voice and a couple o’ guitars. I would consider the music released under Carmeny Pray more like Girlpool because of their similar minimal sounds: honest and clean.

Connect with SPORTS:

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Connect with Carmen Pray:



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