I was introduced to Dumbo Gets Mad a couple months ago when I was talking to one of my friends from radio and I absolutely fell in love when we listened to “Indian Food” in his car. The song has this chill funk sound that basically enamors you with its catchy rhythm and lo-fi sound. The lyrics are odd but resonate with something in me. The Italian duo also put out a new album Thank You Neil earlier this month via Bad Panda Records, which I will listen to soon enough.


I don’t know why the movie Spectre didn’t take on Radiohead’s theme for the movie but I fucking love it. I didn’t watch the movie but I heard it wasn’t all too great. Knowing how magical Radiohead’s music is, I think “Spectre” has this fragile beauty to it that really goes hand in hand with most of their music. There is this “gooey” feeling when you listen to the song and it gets pretty intense and weird around the 1:40 mark. “Spectre” is beautifully intense and extremely complex – every second and moment of the song is…well glorious.

:’) Carlton’s dance moves are legendary. If some of you are sad beans on New Years because you are spending it alone, take a listen to Aeon Member’s “Carlton Christmas”. I dig the higher pitched Tom Jones’ vocals and this version has so much more funk and spirit. Be happy little beans for the New Years!

Grynpyret’s “Boba Beach” was released on Soda Island Collective ages ago but I still appreciate the tracks kawaii pop sound. It’s light and airy, just what some of us need after a stressful holiday. I’m pretty surprised that the track is almost six minutes long but I dig the extension. There are a lot of sections to the song but it all sounds amazing. Strap in for an 8-bit adventure.

If you haven’t heard yet, Toro y Moi shared four ~super rare~ tracks on his Soundcloud recently. I don’t know how What For? didn’t make my Year-End review but it’s a fucking great record. Looks like the four tracks are going to be released on a 7″ titled Dogbite. Check out the other three below:

4 – 5-12b

2 – 1-12b (vaporwavey feels)


Skylar Spence remixes never fail to get my hyped. Cosmo’s Midnight’s EP Moments definitely caught me by surprise and I absolutely loved it. Skylar Spence remixed one of the best tracks on the EP “Walk With Me” feat. Kucka. Let’s just say the remix is pretty damn magical.

Feeling some holiday blues? Gangplans shared their track “Skipping Xmas” fro Chill Mega Chill’s holiday compilation Totally Righteous Holiday Special. The track was inspired by sadder holiday songs like The Beach Boys’ “Blue Christmas”. I love the mellow groove of the song and the samples Gangplans pulled from It’s A Wonderful Life. The vintage synths give the song a glow that separates it from the more bubbly synthpop that we hear today. Really good stuff and if you donate some money to the compilation, the money goes straight to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Good music and a good cause!