Thanksgiving really made my blogging game a little weak, so I’ll try to keep it a little more updated this week (but you know me). Starting off the week, I have “Travelling Song” by Timber Bones, a five-piece from Queensland, Australia. What stood out about this track is its catchy rhythm and easy-going folk rock sound. I love spritely feel of the song – it even has a little bit of Minneapolis-band Hippo Campus in it. These two bands just meld indie rock with some folk roots and it creates this fantastic earthy indie rock sound.

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ATHENS, GA – Mothers will be releasing their debut album When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired via Grand Jury Music and Wichita Recordings on February 26, 2016. The lead single to be released from the LP is “Too Small For Eyes”, a whimsical folky track. It’s easy to fall in love with this song because of its honest and clean sound. The quartet easily won my heart with song, with Kristine Leschper’s delicate voice and the soft guitar picking that is present throughout the song. Even the orchestral instruments adds such a sentimental yet passionate sound to “Too Small For Eyes” that it’s just feels so right to let yourself sink into every nook and cranny of the song.

‘When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired’ Tracklist: 

1). “Too Small For Eyes”
2). “It Hurts Until It Doesn’t”
3). “Copper Mines”
4). “Nesting Behavior”
5). “Lockjaw”
6). “Blood-Letting”
7). “Burden of Proof”
8). “Hold Your Own Hand”  

Mothers 2016 Tour Dates:
12.31.15          Athens, GA @ 40 Watt *
01.07.16          Chattanooga, TN @ JJ’s Bohemia
01.08.16          Greenville, SC @ Independent Public Warehouse
01.09.16          Macon, GA @ The Hummingbird
01.12.16          Orlando, FL @ Will’s Pub
01.13.16          Jacksonville, FL @ 1904 Bar
01.14.16          Miami, FL @ Churchills
01.15.16          Tampa, FL @ New World Brewery
01.16.16          Tallahassee, FL @ Club Downunder
01.20.16          Charlotte, NC @ Double Door
01.21.16          Winston-Salem, NC @ The Garage
01.22.16          Raleigh, NC @ King’s Barcade
01.23.16          Norfolk, VA @ Work Release
01.24.16          Harrisonburg, VA @ Artful Dog
01.27.16          New Haven, CT @ BAR
01.28.16          Asbury Park, NJ @ Wonder Bar
01.29.16          Brooklyn, NY @ Palisades
02.01.16          New York City, NY @ Berlin
02.02.16          Providence, RI @ Fete Lounge
02.03.16          Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall (Communion Presents) 02.04.16          Philadelphia, PA @ Milkboy (Communion Presents)
02.05.16          Vienna, VA @ Jammin Java (Communion Presents)
02.06.16          Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
02.07.16          Charlottesville, VA @ The Southern
02.10.16          Nashville, TN @ The Stone Fox (Communion Presents)
02.11.16          Louisville, KY @ Zanzabar (Communion Presents)
02.12.16          Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR Pub
02.14.16          Columbia, MO @ Café Berlin
02.15.16          Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room
02.16.16          Omaha, NE @ O’Leavers
02.18.16          Davenport, IA @ Daytrotter Music Festival
02.24.16          London, UK @ Servant Jazz Quarters
02.26.16          London, UK @ Lexington
03.03.16          Sarasota, FL @ Ringling Museum
03.04.16          Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge
03.05.16          Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
03.10.16          Savannah, GA @ Savannah Stopover Music Festival
03.13.16          Denton, TX @ 35 Denton
03.15.16          Austin, TX @ SXSW
03.16.16          Austin, TX @ SXSW
03.17.16          Austin, TX @ SXSW
03.18.16          Austin, TX @ SXSW
03.19.16          Austin, TX @ SXSW
03.21.16          Colorado Springs, CO @ Flux Capacitor
03.22.16          Fort Collins, CO @ Downtown Artery
03.23.16          Denver, CO @ Lost Lake Lounge
03.24.16          Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court0
03.25.16          Boise, ID @ Treefort Music Festival
03.28.16          Seattle, WA @ The Vera Project %
03.29.16          Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios %
03.31.16          San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop
04.01.16          Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo

% w/ All Dogs* w/ New Madrid

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Closing my Thanksgiving eve today is Brooklyn-based trio Del Water Gap and their new single “Lamplight”. As you all know, the colder seasons have me craving the warmth of folk music and “Lamplight” is just the track for this cold, cold LA night. The track is earthy and soulful. The whole sound of the song gives such a good vibe, but if you read the lyrics, it actually tells a sad story. Maybe just like the lyrics, the song is meant to be that song you listen to when you’re looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Either way, it’s a solid song to close the night on.

Also if you haven’t checked out Del Water Gap playing “In The Yard” for the Mahogany Sessions, here you go! It’s beautiful beyond words.

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There are just some songs about love that you listen to and someone immediately comes to mind. One of those songs is “Lightness” by Dead Times, a synthpop track that can make your heart feel, well, light. The singing style is breathy, almost like the artists themselves are out of breath from being in love. I love the rhythm and damn, I don’t know. This song is just so fucking good. Listen to it.

I thought it was pretty interesting that I listened to someone remixing Oliver Nelson because I’m usually listening to Oliver Nelson remixing someone else. Life is a circle. Anyway, Kill Them With Colour released a pretty dope remix of “Found Your Love (feat. Heir)”. The remix has the whole fluctuating synth sound that is kind of like a consistent static sound but obviously with some dope ass synth. I’m loving the deep vocals contrasted with the higher-pitched background vocals.

HONNE is honestly just killing it in 2015. They released two EPs and now a new single titled “Gone Are The Days”. It’s going to be apart of an early 2016 EP release titled Gone Are The Days (Shimokita Import), originally to be a Japan-only release. I would say the rhythm on this song is a little more upbeat than some of their other songs but I love how nicely the piano is highlighted. HONNE does a really good job of incorporating synthpop into their music and it’s just kind of this underlying sound that just helps ease the music along. Also, their lyrics are always so damn good so definitely take a good listen to what is being said.

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I wonder if people just think of this blog as nu disco based, which I wouldn’t mind at all really. Nu Disco is a fire genre right now, as exemplified by Lenno and his new single “Fever (feat. Benson)”. As I continue blogging, I begin to notice to subtle differences between nu disco and future funk, and I think “Fever” is the perfect song to show these differences. Lenno’s track has a groove to it that makes you want to boogie but it differs with future funk in that future funk tends to sample from old songs while Lenno’s track reworks the groovy synthpop of the 80s. It’s a pretty damn good song and three minutes a solid length too.