On November 6, Sundara Karma will be releasing their new EP EP II via Chess Club Records. The second single to be released from the EP is “Run Away”, a jangly indie pop rock track that’ll keep you feet tapping and head bobbing. The music video includes footage from being on the road the past few months. Check out the dope track above and the previous single “Vivienne” down below.

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If you’re like me, you’d rather have a night in with some acoustic music and get some work done. Helping me with my cozy night in is Del Water Gap and their performance of “In The Yard” for the Mahogany Session. They have a recorded version on their Soundcloud from three years ago but the acoustic live version is truly an experience – I could replay the video for ages and still love it. It’s peaceful beyond words, and even the band looks so zen when they play.

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Looking for a peaceful night in? Hate the propaganda of Halloween and modern consumerism? sage nebulous has got the track for your mood and activities. It’s been a pretty long time since I’ve posted up music like this but here is “Watching Anime With Waifu”. It’s this super chilled out track that hops the lines of experimental and future house. Pop this track when you are feeling blissed out tonight with ya girl/guy.


Need something to help you sleep tonight? Take a listen to Happy Ferns’ new track “Bullar & Glass”. This beautiful experimental song reminds me of Jamie xx’s In Colour album because it has those deep instrumental sounds that is perfect for a long car drive at night. My only complaint would be the ending because it ends so abruptly but Happy Ferns does a spectacular job in easing us into the song. Also, creds to female producers because they aren’t enough of them out here.

Ah, the satisfaction of getting all your work done is rather…an invincible feeling. In early September, I posted up the link for hd hausmann’s song “Old Satellites”, and I am thrilled to post the music video for the song. As I’ve mentioned before, the song has that passionate soundscape sound that makes you feel like anything is possible, which perfectly fits my mood at the moment. The music video has a beautiful black and white color scheme and definitely watch it all the way through for a rad storyline.


It’s been an extremely stressful couple of weeks but hopefully all well smooth out. Helping me de-stress just bit this lovely Thursday evening is Wicked Man’s new track “Cry For Once” from their unreleased EP Terranean Tremors. This six minute-ish track is a melodic fusion of elements from both jazz and folk, giving “Cry For Once” a soothing yet edgy sound. The percussions have a prominent role but melt with the guitar and the vocals. It’s pretty snazzy and relaxing to listen to so give it a click. Terranean Tremors will be released on November 6 for your listening pleasures.

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Last week, I posted up Folded Like Fabric’s “Patiently”, taken from their new EP I Tried. Their EP just came out, I believe, and it’s some pretty solid stuff, especially if you’re looking for something different to listen to. They have this fusion sound that mixes soul and funk and electronic. Definitely give the EP a listen to – four songs to help you get through Thursday and you’re in the home stretch.

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