Mellowing down for this mid-week funk with Audego and their new song “Side Effects”. Taken off of their upcoming EP, “Side Effects” is a refreshing and light electronic track, mixing the the airy indie pop style of The Xx and the fresco-esque sound of Sylvan Esso. It’s a delicate balance but still luxurious with each beat. This Australian duo will have slipping under the water with their clean cut style and wonderfully whimsical sound.


Kicking off our sunny Tuesday morning with Milo Mills’ snazzy remix of “King” by Years & Years. I’m rather astonished by how all the “Kind” remixes have been sounding absolutely stellar – it’s like you can’t make a bad remix of it. But Milo Mills really spices things up by giving the song a bit of a brass and R&B makeover. I digged the original version but there’s just something about having the whole band in the song that gives it such a sweet soulful sound. It’s got kind of an allure to it that pulls you in deeper and deeper, and you can’t help yourself but groove out.

Returning to AR is Holy ‘57 and his new track “Au Naturel”. Vastly different from his previously released single “Island Kids”, “Au Naturel” kicks the tropical pop sound to the curb and really re-vitalizes the vibrant sound of garage rock. This single is practically three full minutes of excellent noise pop and it’ll make you want to jump off your chair and dance. I love the sweet, sweet reverb on this song because it gives the song that extra little bit of juice that puts the track into such a good high energy track.

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Melbourne 3-piece The Marlenes will be releasing their new single “Cakewalk” on October 16. This gangly garage rock track will make you wish it were summer once again with its feel-good vibe. The Marlenes use simple melodies and catchy hooks to reel us in but the infectious rhythm and lo-fi goodness make us stay. I dig the addition of the ska guitars because it gives the song a little bit of that late 90s and early 00s garage rock sound and that sort of surfer boy rock sound. It’s got a little bit of everything to make it one of those summer vibing songs.

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Premiere — Youth Warrant: “Shake”

Today, I have the absolute pleasure of premiering “Shake”, Youth Warrant’s new single. This San Diego-based indie pop trio is bringing back the feel-good indie pop music that made my middle school days bright and bubbly. Think Two Door Cinema Club mixed with a little bit of Foster the People and you’ll get “Shake”. Just over 3.5 minutes, “Shake” brings the light airiness of good indie pop music that has just a hint of indie rock that gives it a solid beat to bob your head to. Once you press play, you’ll wish the song the never stops. It’s kind of the perfect song to end September with as we move towards autumn.

“Shake” will be released on October 6.

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One of my guilty pleasures in life is having a quiet night in and listening to deep downtempo songs. There’s a beauty to listening to these types of songs and looking at the sky, appreciating the vastness of it all. Keeping my Friday grounded today is Majik’s “Save Me”, a beautifully composed song that will immerse you in emotions. There’s a lot of synth that gives the song such a beautiful soundscape sound, almost like anything is possible.The soft voice melts perfectly with the heavy synth, like cookies in milk.

Oakland artist Hazel English makes her way back onto AR with her new single “Fix”. To put it simply, the track is like cotton candy and bubbly champagne. Her music is easy to listen to with its soft melodies and heavy synth that gives it a fairytale-esque quality. Contrasting with her previously released track “It’s Not Real”, “Fix” has a more dream pop sound to it rather than the slight hint of indie rock in her other single. There’s even a Camera Obscura quality to it that gives it that twee pop sound.