Rise and shine my pumpkins. I really need to stop sleeping at 4am on the weekends because it always messes up my circadian rhythm (thanks high school bio). A track that I’ve been listening to during my workouts is Pomo’s remix of Mark Ronson’s “I Can’t Lose”. This super suave nu disco track has the perfect bump to get your workout going. There’s also a chill mellowness to the song that makes my insides crumble like coffee cake.


Ooh mama, we gunna get lit today. I know, I know this the second remix today but how can I ever say no to a Brasstracks remix?? Gallant’s been killing the charts letter with his track “Weight In Gold” and all the remixes that have been coming out just keeps its fire going. At first, I couldn’t really get into the disparity between the two artists: the slow, sensual Gallant mixed with Brasstracks’ snazzy upbeat brass…seemed unusual. But when I kept looping the remix nonstop, I fucking love it. It’s a little cacophonous when you first listen to it but seriously, you’ll warm up to this beautiful combination.

Nothing like waking up after 8 hours of solid sleep. Keeping you Friday morning party-ready is GRMM’s “Die Young” feat Wild Eyed Boy. This is the kind of song I would call “synthlicious” with its heavy synthy goodness. I really dig the mellowness of the intro and GRMM really works you into the high energy that dominate the song. It’s one smooth ride from here.

It’s Friday morning ya’ll. Can you believe it? Another week gone and another to go. But bless the heavens that it’s the weekend. To get your weekend mix going, take a listen to Cavego’s nu disco remix of “Everything Is In Your Hands” by St. Niklas. It’s not as funky as a Breakbot track but you can definitely hear the nu disco in it – it’s more mellow but it has a definite groove during the chorus. The remix is part of St. Niklas’ upcoming EP Origo out 9/1.

Time to pump it up. My love for Nu Disco cannot be put into words. La Felix released his remix of “Waves” by Funk LeBlanc a few weeks ago and it is pure gold. There’s some Daft Punk disco vibe in there that I’m seriously digging – I did some soul-searching with Daft Punk’s Discovery album a couple weeks ago and it is absolutely amazing. There might even be a little of Breakbot in there. Whatever it is, I’m digging it.

Oh Wednesdays, you are such tease. Middle of the week and another step closer to the weekend. To help you get over your midweek-funk is Satchmode’s dream pop song “Afterglow”, a luscious song that will lull your mind into a state of peace. Taken from their upcoming EP of the same name, “Afterglow” is the kind of synthy goodness that you play for the sun to come out. It’s peaceful with the hint of electronica. The smoothness of the song reminds me of Sigur Rós but less intense, which is that perfect in between for a morning song.

All the way back in June, I posted up Aayushi and Dillistone’s collab “Diamond Child”. Fresh from the oven is Nous’ remix of the song, with a heavier bass. The vocals are octaves deeper, which helps with the mellowness of the song. Since this is a remix song, it’s not extremely heavy with samples, which I like because I think some people who do remixes try really hard to cover up the original. Nous does an excellent job of keeping the layer minimal but still creates a new sound with his remix.