What a perfect night for some instrumental music to just snooze the night away to. Taken from UNIVORE’s album Mysteries is the smooth liquid track “Indulgences”. I love the peaceful sound the track and the saxophone gives the song that extra inch of jazz classiness. Even the music video is weirdly hypnotic, from the rhythm to the coloring of the video. Overall, the music and the video is a great combination for a little bit of bedtime hypnosis.


Oakland artist Hazel English released her newest single “It’s Not Real”. It has the hazy summer vibe that is perfect for laying under the sun and soaking up all the time in the world. English’s voice is perfectly mellowed out that it just melts with the music base. I found the song to echo Beach Fossils mixed with a little bit of Best Coast’s summer-y indie rock vibes. “It’s Not Real” has this calming aura to it but it definitely has a little bit of pop with the percussions.


Eest Coast, you make me feel things I didn’t know existed. His remix of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” has that slow lethargic feel that makes you feel like you’re in a warped space and your head is just throbbing. Won’t like but the lower octave of Swift’s voice is a little frightening, mixed with her face blown up behind Eest Coast…terrors. But damn, this remix really echoes the music from his Selfish People EP, which I completely fell in love with this year. 


I’m usually not a fan of covers…and they have to be REALLY good for me to blog about them. Giving me the chills this cool Wednesday night is Janelle Kroll’s cover of “Down To You (My Confidante)” by Joni Mitchell. This cover still has Mitchell’s fragility but the electronic twist gives it a modern spin that is absolutely perfect for a night walk or drive alone. I love that Kroll’s vocals are the spotlight and the electronica just adds to how hauntingly beautiful and fragile her voice is.


It’s been a long time since I listened to Big Scary and damn they sound nothing like my very first Big Scary song: “Bad Friends”. From hearing that melancholy and mournful song to hearing their new single “Organism”, it’s like they completely transformed. This new single has this underlying darkwave influence mixed with some 80s synthpop that gives a really cool dynamic. It’s kind of like there is a dark magic allure that keeps me hooked. There’s even a little bit of that Foals dark, brooding mysteriousness that makes it a little bit sexy.

Interview with Yarama Yahoo


Back in June, I featured Boise-based band Yarama Yahoo and their new EP If I Seem Quiet, U Haven’t Seen Me With My Guitar. I had the lovely opportunity to interview band members Ross and Aidan, so check it out here!

Is there a special significance or backstory behind Yarama Yahoo?

A: The Yara­Ma­Yha­Who is an Australian folk creature. Legend has it he’s a small, red­bearded troll that lives in the forest and eats anyone that’s still there after dark. Neither of us are Australian, but I like the story and the name sounds whimsical and fun.

Your EP If I Seem Quiet, You Haven’t See Me With My Guitar has a dreamy, psychedelic vibe to it, and you mentioned that your sound is inspired by the likes of Youth Lagoon and Ancient Psychic. How does your music differ from the others?

R: We love Youth Lagoon and Ancient Psychic so we’ve definitely tried to imitate those kind of vibes, but I think our music is driven more by melodic ideas and abstract emotions than specific experiences or feelings.

A: Most of our songs are heavily influenced by jazz. Both of us were in our high school’s jazz band and that had a huge effect on our song­writing process. You can definitely hear it in the EP, a lot of it was improvised.

I particularly like “As if He Were A Ghost” and “Brings May Flowers”. The two tracks have very different sounds. Are there any particular stories to these two tracks?

R: I wrote most of “Brings May Flowers”, it’s about what it’s like to be really close and connected to another person, so that you kind of start to feel the same things and giving support to them becomes as much about helping yourself as it is about helping them. It’s also kind of a love song.

A: I wrote “As If He Were A Ghost”. It’s about a book, and that’s all I’m saying.

This EP looks like the first tracks that you guys have put at as Yarama Yahoo. Are there any future endeavors as Yarama Yahoo, like some collaborations or just working on new music?

A: Honestly, the future of Yarama Yahoo is pretty up in the air because in September we’re headed off to separate colleges on separate sides of the country. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep it going in some form, though, I’d love to write more music together and bring more people into our process so we can arrange and perform as a full band.

Are there any artists or bands you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

R: The best part about the Boise music scene is that everyone knows each other and plays in different bands with each other­ like the members of Ancient Psychic are also in Junior Rocket Scientist, Bijoux, and Tisper, and the frontman used to be the drummer for Sun Blood Stories. So far, we haven’t really been able to chisel into the community, so I’d love to get more involved and see what happens.

Any “must listen” summer tracks?

A: Devendra Banhart­ Your Fine Petting Duck, Animal Collective­ Bees, lots of Sun Ra, La Luz-
Clear Night Sky

R: SW/MM/NG­ Some Dreams Come True, Helado Negro­ Ojos Que No Ven, Raleigh Moncreif-I Just Saw, Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment­ Warm Enough (mine came out kinda nocturnal)

What are you guys doing this summer?

A: Working. A lot. Trying to finish the Iliad for my Greek & Roman lit class. Making short films with inanimate objects!

R: Swimmin’, Workin’, Hangin’, Jammin’ on my new OP­1, Road Trippin’


Turn up on a Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Bringing me some sweet nu disco tonight is Bee’s Knees and their new track “Old School”. Monogem’s vocals on this is velvety and sweet like honey, and mix that with some of Bee’s Knees’ indie dance and you got yourself a little pot of gold. I’m really digging the whole brass wave that’s going on in the electronica world and Bee’s Knees adds a little hint of it to make things extra spicey.