I’ve featured Gallant before and he never fails to take your breath away with his deep electronic R&B sound. His newest track “Weight in Gold” was premiered with the release of Apple Music and there’s no question why: it’s breathtakingly amazing. My favorite bit about the track is the electric guitar is this little background piece but it adds such a nice detail to song. It’s quite powerful and airy, perfect to keep you cool this summer day.


I love Keaton Henson. His music is so calming and very sad at the same time, but that’s the beauty of his music. I believe “If I’m To Die” is a new track…or relatively new, he’s played it before at gigs. But my lord, he sounds so beautiful acoustically. Perfect for a warm evening pondering about.

In celebration of me moving to Westwood soon (UCLA here I come), here is Lancaster’s super sensual track “The 213″. I think Westwood used to be part of that infamous area code but we split off…The beat is so smooth on this track, and I love that it kicks in like 20 seconds in. Awesome-sauce.

From Harrison Sands’ debut album Pillow Talk is deep electronic R&B track “Chesire”. This song has the glitch pop sound that gives it such a distinct beat that is smooth yet static at the same time. There are a lot of layers in this song but they come together like one crispy cookie.

Feeling a little ragey this morning? Take a listen to Deaf Wish’s “They Know”, taken from their upcoming album Pain out 8/7 via Sub Pop. This Melbourne rock quartet nails the genre of noise rock, and that is not an easy feat. They have the perfect balance of heavy reverb with garage rock, creating this cacophonous symphony. “They Know” is fast, sweaty, and ready to roll.

Los Angeles musician Lade released his EP The Flood back in March and I’m excited to share the music video for the title track “The Flood”. This song is a mellow indietronica track that slows everything down, making it feel like you are swimming in the deep blue ocean. The color palette for the music video is overall some dark shades with some highlights of neon, which I feel really matches with the song. I love the pastel tones at the end of the video and that the song has such a lovely wave feeling to it.

The Flood – Lade from Lade on Vimeo.

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I’m not a complete stranger to Shagabond’s music. I usually pin his music as some very sensual electronica, and his collab with Nomo “Fu Manchu” is a perfect example of his sexy beats. There is a rhythmic wave to this song that is perfect for some ~sweet~ nights. The main chorus is some chill ice.