I have honestly never heard the original song up until this point (because I live under a rock apparently). But I took a listen to it after hearing OxV’s remix and I have to say that they two very different songs. OxV’s remix utilizes distorted rhythm and heavy layers of synths and samples to put his remix in a completely different music genre. It sounds like Daft Punk in the Tron: Legacy soundtrack mixed with future house. The remix is more..theatrical I suppose but it’s definitely different from Bellion’s original.


Need a chillout session? I got your fix. Falcon Punch released a remix of “Lessons”. It’s atmospheric. It’s soothing. It’s perfect. It has a really mellow 80s electropop sound to it, almost like Beat Connection’s early stuff with a hint of mellow disco.

It’s been a couple of months since I lasted posted a Gold Dash, but they are back with a fun little piece titled “wanna make”, which has samples from Akon’s classic track “Right Now (na na na)”. I love the future spin on this track because it really spices up the original track. Akon was everywhere when I was in middle school so I’m digging the nostalgia of hearing “wanna make”. Gold Dash adds so many luscious samples that it really is a completely different track.

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Of course when I heard that Rashida Jones was singing this song, I had to check it out. Taken from the upcoming documentary Hot Girls Wanted, “Wanted To Be Loved” is the wondrous creation of Jones and Daniel Ahearn. It’s a classic singer-songwriter song for a film really and it reminds me of the Begin Again soundtrack. I do really like Ahearn and Jones’ voice together: they nailed the perfect melody.

The documentary focuses on young girls (18 and 19 year olds) joining the porn industry. It sounds pretty damn cool to me, and it was featured at Sundance! The documentary will be available on Netflix on May 29.

Check out documentary here.

I can always count on my California bands to bring some sunshine and some pop into my life. From what I’ve been hearing, it’s been pretty dreary in California lately despite the upcoming summer season. San Jose band A Yawn Worth Yelling will be bringing everyone a bit of that sun-kissed California vibe with their new single “Start Somewhere” from their upcoming EP Play Pretend. Catchy rhythm, summer-lovin lyrics, and stellar pop base, “Start Somewhere” is perfect for a well-deserved vacation. Also, check out the awesome ukulele chucking in the beginning.

I’m very excited to share with you guys the debut single “If We Want To” from Copenhagen-based group M.I.L.K. This feel-good soul pop track grabs influences from the sweet, sweet 70s. There’s a bit of modern indie dream pop with “If We Want To”’s milky smooth sound. The track also reminds me of a cross between Spectrals eccentric sound and a more smooth electronica sound of Saux and Rhye. I love the peacefulness to the track.

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It is so uncomfortably humid in Asia. But goddamn you gotta love the culture. In the spirit, here is In the Blue Shirt’s “Sevenson Screen”. Holla at the sick guitar and the bubbly sound. Also, the intro is probably one of my favorites that I’ve heard in a while.