Ending today’s relaxing round of posts with KRNE’s “Jump On”. The song is basically small wave after small wave of luscious samples. They aren’t too heavily layered but there is just enough that gives the song a chill, french-house like sound. The vocals are pretty limited on this one too, since KRNE really relies on little sounds and phrases. Free DL in the description after clicking the song above.


Two months ago, Drip Drop released a remix of mus.hiba’s “slow snow” (it looks like my theme today is chill, mellow songs). The remix really reminds me of eest coast, especially the track I posted a couple of days ago “Blue Girl”. Drip Drop uses heavy synths to give the song a lurid feel, and the brass instruments give the remix a bit pop and a jazz influence.

Bringing it make to two years ago when Skylar Spence went by the name of Saint Pepsi (a tear just escaped my eyes). I really did enjoy hearing new vaporwave songs under Saint Pepsi but he’s been doing extremely well this past year with signing to a new label and such. Just going to take the time today to appreciate some of the classic Saint Pepsi stuff because he was one of the people that brought me into the world of vaporwave. Forever grateful.

If you’ve ever been karaoking and played one of those 80s sad love songs, they always play these landscape-y inspirational music videos. And I think I found the perfect song to go with those type of music videos. LANY’s “Someone Else” has the same slow electropop sound as sad 80s love songs and the rhythm is just slow enough that you can put the scenic backgrounds on slo-mo. The lyrics plus the musical composition takes me back to the 90s boy band years (s.o. to Backstreet Boys and NSYNC). “Someone Else” is actually a really sad song, especially the lyrics. Take a listen…and maybe grab some tissues.

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From Brookfield’s debut EP Cloud 9 is “Eden’s Garden”, a melodic, piano-driven track. Brookfield’s strong vocals echoes the likes of James Bay while his musical composition leans towards Tom Odell’s style. “Eden’s Garden” is almost like a confession, and the passion behind the song is evident. From the climatic build to the emotional lyrics, “Eden’s Garden” is a fantastic song to add to your emerging singer-songwriter collection.

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Artist Will C. will be releasing his upcoming LP Everyday Around the Cosmos on May 4. The first slice released from the LP is an ethereal instrumental track titled “Arriving”. The piano is definitely the star of this track, with a lo-fi recording and some cosmic, dreamscape composition to it. I feel a little bit of a jazz inspiration in this piece, reminding me of the classic Vince Guaraldi compositions for A Charlie Brown Christmas. I definitely dig the laid-back vibe on this one, and the music video is just as cosmic as the track.

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Keeping it chill this morning with a brand new remix from Saux. Similar to his remix of Shy Girl’s “When I Say I Love You”, the remix of Beat Connection’s “Illusion” is mellow with light pop samples that give the remix an overall upbeat vibe. I love that Saux keeps Beat Connection’s original vocals and he forms his remix around the vocals, highlighting its soft intimacy.