I was scrounging around Soundcloud today and I found out that Blood Orange remixed “Entertainment” from Phoenix’s Bankrupt! album. I have to say that I was absolutely stunned with these two very different sounds fusing into a beautiful remix. Blood Orange is one of my favorite artists in progressing what indie electronica sounds like and he is this sort of baroque pop that is just so dynamic. Phoenix’s new sound is more of a synthpop and new wave fusion and mixing that with Blood Orange’s innovative style is a recipe for splendor. 


Bringing the second track from Mura Masa and Yung Bae’s collaboration. If you didn’t know Yung Bae is going by his real name Dallas Cotton to produce music. Everybody is really into long song titles these days…but here is “…So I Wrote Her This Song and We Drank Monster and Watched Adventure Time”. Pretty sure that title is going to screw my 140 Twitter limit. The song is worth it though.

It’s been quite some time since Yuni Wa made an appearance on AR. Just a couple of weeks ago, he released a new track titled “You Are My Love”. It’s definitely a future funk track but it edges towards the vaporwave side more with the heavy synthy sounds and distorted audio. The lo-fi-ness gives it a cool VHS-like effect.

I finally got a catch-up day! Kicking off today is Missing Hito’s track “Come Home”, from her ✿ EP (that’s seriously the title of her EP). I believe it’s a four-track EP and “Come Home” is just one of the fantastic future funk tracks. I love the bit of soul that’s in the sample and the funky beats are top notch.

Vanilla is one of my favorite producers who puts out hip hop beats. He is so spot on with the mixes that he draws together. Two weeks ago, he released a new track titled “Footsteps”, which is a slower little diddy. I love the wistfulness and the forever longing feeling of infatuation. Mhhmm those lyrics ❤

I am so ready for that new Harrison EP Colors. His collaborations with Maddee are some of the best on soundcloud. “How Can It Be” is, I believe, the second track to be released from the EP. There’s a consistent futuristic-like electronic sound to his EP. Harrison’s style is innovative yet retro at the same time. It’s a really awesome dynamic to listen to and Maddee’s vocals really spruce things up a bit.

Can you believe that I first found out about Lucy Rose via Watch Listen Tell? Around five years ago, Lucy Rose was featured on WLT with her superb track “Night Bus”, and since then, she has gone on to releasing her debut album Like I Used To, touring with Bombay Bicycle Club, and making new music. 

I believe she will be putting out a new album this year, which I am super stoked for. Just yesterday, this talented songstress revisited WLT and played a beautiful acoustic version of her song “Into The Wild”.