SURPRISE FIFTH POST. There’s a lot of songs backed up on my Soundcloud that I just haven’t found the time to post so I’ll drop a fifth post here and there. Before I send you all off to the weekend, let’s jazz things up a bit with a Lido and BrassTracks collaboration: “Four Five Seconds”. If this sounds familiar, I posted up one of BrassTrack’s cover of Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody”. Who knew brass instruments could ever sound so snazzy? 


Hallelujah! It’s freaking FRIDAY. CELEBRATION TIME WITH SOME FUNKY FRESH FUTURE FUNK. As always, コンシャスTHOUGHTS never fails to impress with remixes. One of the newer remixes is “Juicy”, originally by Notorious B.I.G. The fusion of hip hop and future funk is pure magic and sounds eargasmic.

I love my Los Angeles bands ♡♡♡

LA-based band Northern American will be releasing their debut LP Modern Phenomena on May 18 via Heist or Hit Records. The first single to be taken off of the upcoming LP is “Elysian”, a mellow pop track that reflects the lax, chill attitude that SoCal residents embrace. The vibe and style reminds me of Real Estate’s luxurious dream pop tracks. There is something peaceful about Nate Paul’s vocals that puts me in a cloud of euphoria. Check out these Los Angeles babes in their music video for “Elysian” below:

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It feels like the singer-songwriter genre is a timeless one – it’s always a perfect genre to listen to, especially if you are in need of some cheering up or in need of something light to listen to. Adelaide-born singer-songwriter John Hosking just released his new song “False Arms” a couple of days ago. It has a pretty mellow instrumental composition but his vocals give the track an uplifting edge. It reminds me of James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” and has the same sincerity as Lifehouse’s “You and Me”.

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Brooklyn-based indie psychpop band Field Trip released a track titled “Song 4 California” a couple of months ago. This groovy little track is laced with heavy reverb and some gnarly synths and electronica. The band released a VHS-inspired lyric video:

Field Trip also released a new exclusive track via BalconyTV earlier this week titled “Never”. 

This band is easily going to make my top bands of 2015 if they keep sending out such great music.

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OHMYGOD. I need this week to end. マクロスMACROSS 82-99’s “ッ (w UPP∑R)” is a little Jersey/Trap track. I mean you just gotta love the fast rap and the Sailor Moon track art. This is song is actually ridiculously hyperactive but it sounds so good.

Part of the reason why one of my favorite bands was The Drums is because their sound was unique – I just could not find a band or artist that had the same style as The Drums. I’m always a little skeptical when bands say that they’ve been compared to The Drums but when I listened to Blood Sound’s “Acid Summer”, I was excited. “Acid Summer” is a track taken off of Blood Sound’s debut LP Nightclub, which was released earlier this year. The track is a cross between New Order and The Drums, and it just sounds amazing. The darkwave and shoegaze fusion is just the sound of perfection to my ears.

Nightclub is a 12-track LP and it has some pretty rad New Wave-inspired tracks. You can download it for free here:

Favorite Tracks:

I Don’t Wait

L.A. Punk

Acid Summer




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