Premiere: Human in Bloom — “Call Me an Angel”


Today we are premiering our first song ever! 

London-based band Human in Bloom is getting ready to release their debut EP A Short Stay in London on February 2. The first single released for this EP is “Call Me an Angel”, which the band is offering as a free download. The entire EP was recorded live in West London, and it really gives the EP an earthy tone. “Call Me an Angel” is reminiscent of the singer-songwriter scene in the mid to late 2000s. It has a soothing melody and some wistful lyrics. Almost sounds like James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful”.


If you missed it, VANTAGE // released a new album this week titled City Lights. I’ll probably put up a review some time next week but to help round off this week is VANTAGE’s “P E R F E C T 2 0 0 0”. It’s a rework of Princess Superstar’s “Perfect”, and probably the rework of the Mason x Princess Superstar mix? Anyway, it’s pretty damn groovy and catchy.

I recently got into In the Blue Shirt’s Soundcloud and I’ve just been discovering a whole bunch of gems. If the name sounds familiar, I believe I posted In the Blue Shirt’s remix of a Spazzkid song. The “2005” rework on the soundcloud page is a pretty awesome vibe for a Friday so take a listen and jam out.

Sharks’ Teeth will be releasing his Wissenschaftslehre IV or Opinion Crisis album on March 17 via Paco Tapes. The first single released from the album is “Jade Oscilloscope Screen”, a beautiful, ambient track that sounds like it could’ve totally been in Interstellar. It’s sounds like a cross between Sigur Rós and Jon Brion’s compositions for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. “Jade Oscilloscope Screen” is peaceful, delicate, and eerie, the perfect song from a bildungsroman indie film. There is something so nostalgic about this song…it’s simply brilliant.

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I’m not a huge follower of the “mainstream electronic” scene but I’ve been dabbling a bit. I kind of started listening to Shlohmo a few weeks ago but haven’t really explored his music much. One of my favorite songs so far is “Places”, from the 2011 album Bad Vibes. It’s an extremely chill electronica and it’s very mellow, reminds me of XXYYXX.

Balthazar will be releasing their upcoming album Thin Walls on March 30, via Play It Again Sam. The first single released from the album is “Then What”, a modern indie rock fusion. It sounds like a mix of Cut Off Your Hands, Say Hi (To Your Mom), and The Sea and Cake. I really like the mellowness of this song because the mellow indie rock vibe is extremely soothing to me, and Maarten Devoldere’s voice makes me melt a little. 

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I’ve been exploring a bit of Tennis’ music lately and I didn’t really get a good listen to their album Ritual in Repeat, which was released last year through Communion Records. Besides “I’m Callin’”, Tennis’ “Never Work For Free” also caught my ear. Ritual in Repeat definitely shows that Tennis’ style is evolving – and this new style is sounding pretty darn rad.